Emily, a Supernatural fan and reporter for The Geekiary has been kicked out from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s Panel at ChiCon today. It all started when two fans of J2 (who apparently have harassed J2’s wives in the past) accused Emily of being a ‘security risk’ for the boys. Clif, Jared and Jensen’s bodyguard has proceeded to eject her without giving any explanations.

The reason? According to Emily, being a Destiel shipper:

Not long after that, Twitter exploded with rage and a hashtag was created to collect all the support for Emily:  #IStandWithEmily

But this doesn’t end here. Things get even worse if we consider Emily had to travel all the country because she had already been harassed by those same people in DallasCon in 2013. Emily has never brought any harm to the crew of Supernatural or to any other fan whatsoever. She’s a huge supporter of the show. In fact, she’s responsible for the Supernatural 10 Gift Basket.

Ship shaming is one thing, but actually threatening, harassing and kicking someone out of a panel for no reason is an entire different matter and one that should not be tolerated at any convention. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who you ship. It’s not even about the ship, it’s about fans hurting other fans for having different opinions. What should matter is that we all love the show, and more importantly, that we’re sane people who should respect each other. That’s the least that should be expected from the so-called #SPNFamily. A hashtag that everyone makes sure to use during every convention, but a concept that is rarely seen in those places.

But that’s not something exclusive of Supernatural. This is something that all the fandom community should fight against. Sadly, we’ve all been there. But we already have enough fighting and disagreements in the real world to start fighting about something that we’re supposed to love and that’s supposed to bring us together. How can we expect society to respect us if we don’t respect each other? Emily admitted to being afraid. This is not how fandom should feel like.

What can YOU do to help?

You can  fight this injustice by getting in contact with CreationEnt at customer.service@creationent.com and by tweeting members of the Supernatural cast. Please, be polite. CreationEnt and Clif were given false information by fans. 

But really, the most important thing you can do is basically being a reasonable and sensible person. Everything starts from respect. Shipping and other matters come later.