‘Sherlock’ San Diego Comic-Con Panel Recap


After Mark Gatiss and BBCOne teased us (or more like trolled us) with yesterday’s release of the already titled ‘Victorian swagg’ photo (see here), today’s San Diego Comic-Con panel had to satisfy Sherlockians’ thirst in some way. And it certainly did.

The panel started with a video message from Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott apologising for not being able to be in San Diego. After all the fangirling that provoked, Steven Moffat revealed that the Christmas Special is going to be showed in “selected cinemas around the world”.

Talking about the differences between the Sherlock we have seen and Victorian Sherlock, Moffat also said that it still will be the same show, just in a different time period. He also said that the special is “one of the best (episodes) we’ve made” and that he thinks that it is “really terrific”.

Moffat also referred to the sexism in the original books. “For the most part, the women in the original Sherlock Holmes series, don’t really speak”.

As per Season 4, Moffat revealed that the writing hasn’t finished yet. However, he did promise that it will “sucker punch us into emotional devastation”. As per usual. Will we see Irene Adler again? “I don’t know! That’s a genuine answer,” Moffat said. But he believes they never saw each other after their episode.

This time, Moffat behaved when it came to fandom issues: he said he loves Sherlock fan art but that they can’t take it into consideration when working on the show.

And, of course, Moffat couldn’t escape those Wholock questions. Moffat simply joked that the reason why he hasn’t done a crossover yet is: “We don’t need an excuse, we just don’t do it!”. However, Moffat said that he made a Wholock crossover on an 8mm camera back in uni starring his sister as Sherlock and the Doctor. He also drew a Dalek chasing Sherlock during a meeting. When being asked whether he made the Doctor refer to Sherlock as fictional to avoid doing a crossover, he just dodged the question. Is there still hope?

And, if that wasn’t enough, during the panel they also showed this sneak peek of the Christmas Special episode. Now that’s what we call a tease!


Aside from this panel, in a recent interview with Digital Spy, Moffat also said that he can’t assure people that there are plans for a fifth season. “People should be very afraid, nervous, worried, paranoid in fact”, he joked (or not). As a matter of fact, there will have been 2 years between ‘His Last Vow’ and the new special airing. Moffat says that, even though this anticipation wasn’t planned, “it’s interesting that the starvation works as well as it does”.

Lastly, Rupert Graves also revealed that the “dynamics of the story” in the special will be similar, but that “the tone” is different.

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