Shameless ‘You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?’ Review

You sold me the laundromat
‘You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?’ brings some hope to Fiona’s adventures as the laundromat owner. Unfortunately, other members of the family get some bad news.


The first bad news are for Debbie. Just when it seemed like she had found something resembling a stable situation for her and Franny, Derrick’s family comes back to give her some more headaches. Is she the one to blame? Well, yes. Derrick did abandon her daughter, but he wasn’t prepared to be a father and Debbie was the one who raped him. It’s also true that Debbie has temper issues, and that the fact that she punched a homeless lady can make her seem unpredictable. However, that does not give Derrick’s family the right to take the baby from her without custody. At least, narrative-wise, the fact that it’s Derrick’s family and not social services should make it more interesting.

The other bad news come from Lip’s side. So much for a redemption arc! At first, the hearing goes according to plan as both Lip and Ian (who was there as the character witness) said all the right words. Ian vouches for Lip’s intelligence and kind-hearted nature, while Lip claims that, while he’s never had any particular goal for his future, he does miss being around great minds. Sadly, the college refuses his petition because they cannot accept someone who can pose a threat to the campus. The problem with Lip used to be that he was lazy and didn’t really do much with his talent. However, these past couple seasons, there’s been a new addition: he’s very reckless. Instead of trying to cool his head and think of other college options, Lip throws another pity party for himself that results in him picking up a fight with Sierra’s ex-boyfriend.

You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember? - Shameless
Meanwhile, Fiona’s sweat and tears finally get their reward when Kevin brings everyone from the Alibi to help. It’s a heartwarming scene in an otherwise sad episode, especially since Fiona has been so disconnected from everyone else this season. It’s a nice touch that it’s Kevin the one who decides to help her. Kevin has also had a close relationship with the Gallaghers, but his time with Fiona has suffered due to having to tend to his own problems at home.

As it turns out, the Kev/V/Svetlana situation is finally starting to pay off as Fiona says she never really trusted her. The truth is, even though Svetlana is making their lives easier and bringing in some extra cash, her lack of communication is very suspicious. To V, this doesn’t really bother her as long as everything works out in the end. But to Kevin, this is a major problem. Kev has always had a tendency to overthink stuff, and there’s something about Svetlana that has been worrying him for a while. On top of that, he’s he’s starting to suspect that V loves her more than him. Since it’s been established that what’s between Kev and Svet is only “desire”, it’s possible that V is being blinded by love and cannot really see the situation objectively. All in all, it seems like the relationship is bound to break sooner than later. And when it does, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin sided with Fiona, leaving V to figure out that they were right all along.

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