Shameless: Shameless, daring, bold, wild… these are some of the adjectives that can be used to define this series. Everything goes when you live in South Side!

In A Nutshell:

Shameless follows the daily lives of the Gallaghers, a family that consists of a drunk neglectful father and six children living in South Side Chicago. Fiona and her siblings will do everything they can, legal or not, to put food on their table.

Meet the Characters:

Frank Gallagher - Shameless - The Daily Fandom

Frank is the father of the family. He is unemployed and does all type of illegal things to get money, which he spends on alcohol and drugs. He is never there for his kids, and his kids don’t expect him to be at this point either. His storylines are often played for laughs, although there are some moments in which he shows he actually cares for his family… in his own way.


Fiona Gallagher - Shameless - The Daily Fandom

Fiona is the eldest sibling, but she acts more like a mother than a sister. She works in a lot of different jobs to be able to provide for her siblings and she tries to be there for all of them whenever they need help. Because of this, Fiona hardly ever thinks of herself and her own needs. Thankfully for her, her best friend and neighbor V is always there to offer a helping hand and take her to have some fun every now and then.

Lip Gallagher - Shameless - The Daily Fandom

Lip is the oldest brother and he often helps Fiona to take care of the others. He’s very protective of his family and, in the first seasons, he’s seen spending most of his time with Ian. He’s super intelligent, although he doesn’t always realize his own worth and potential. Lip’s storylines often revolve around his romantic relationships. You will see him with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other one.

Ian Gallagher - Shameless - The Daily Fandom

Ian is a sweet and ambitious boy. His dream is to join the Army one day, and so he’s often seen working out and/or studying. Ian is gay and his romantic relationships are a big part of his storylines. He is also the sibling who feels closer to their mother, who split a few years ago. His character also suffers some changes after he’s diagnosed with a mental illness.


debbieStarting now with the youngest, Debbie is a very sweet, innocent girl and the only Gallagher to still have some faith in their father. However, as any other Gallagher, she is mischievous and she has a strong personality as well. As any other girl her age, Debbie seems to be in a rush to grow up and so she looks up to Fiona. Just like Ian, Debbie changes a lot throughout the seasons.


carl gallagher - shameless - the daily fandom

Carl is probably the most mischievous boy in the whole neighbourhood. From setting booby traps, putting toys in the microwave or being mean to other kids in school, Carl is always in trouble. He keeps getting more and more problematic as the seasons go by. Regardless, he is a good boy at heart and he cares as much about his family as anyone else.


Liam Gallagher - Shameless - The Daily Fandom

Liam is the youngest in the family. Even though he grows up and starts speaking some words in the later seasons, Liam is usually more used as a prop or a plot device, rather than an actual character, probably for script reasons. All Gallaghers are always very protective of him.


Pheew! There are many more characters in the series, like Kevin, Veronica or Mickey, but the list is already long enough with just the Gallaghers!

A Brief History of Shameless: the When, Where and How

Shameless (US) is an American comedy-drama remake of the original British series of the same name. Shameless started airing on Showtime in 2011, when it became the networks’ highest-rated series debut. Six seasons have been released so far, and the series has already been renewed for a seventh one to air in 2017.

Why It’s Awesome

The main appeal of Shameless is that it has no filters. This doesn’t only mean that they have no problem dropping the F word in every sentence, but that the series is just not afraid to go too far with its stories. Even though it can be controversial and be a little too over the top sometimes, Shameless is a very blunt and realistic portrayal of what living in a poor neighborhood is like.

One of the things that defines Shameless is that it’s a comedy-drama. This double genre doesn’t only present a problem when it comes to picking a category for award ceremonies, but it also makes it hard to know how the viewer is supposed to react to what’s happening on screen. Situations that would be portrayed as dramatic in other series are just played for laughs because… hey, it’s just another day in the lives of the Gallaghers. One moment you’ll be super mad and shocked at something horrible Frank has done, and a few seconds later you’ll be laughing your ass off as Lip and Ian throw him to a dumpster. However, when Shameless gets serious, it can get really dark.

It’s because of this that Shameless can also be a very inspirational series. Each of the characters has their own problems and it seems like, no matter how hard they try, life keeps dragging them down. If you are facing some difficult moments in your life, you will surely find motivation in these unbreakable characters.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 7,0/10
Characters 8,5/10
Fandom 7,5/10
Diversity 9,0/10
Drama/Comedy 9,5/10
Total 40/50

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