Shameless ‘Own Your Shit’ Review

Own your shit - Shameless
There’s many different ways to ‘Own Your Shit’, and none of them seem to be a walk in the park. At least Liam is there to offer some adorable commentary.


Fiona and Lip have had more downs than ups since the season started due to their different perspectives on the labor world and respectable ways of earning money. After Lip had started the internship, he felt confident that he would quickly climb the ladder of the company until he made more money than Fiona, who is the manager of… you know, just a diner. What Lip was probably not expecting is that having the feds find out the start up’s illegal activities would actually put him in a worse situation: he’s got even more work, and he’s still not getting paid. This situation puts him in a similar place as Fiona, who has to work 24/7 to prevent the business from sinking. They have different ways of approaching this situation: while Fiona tries to work even harder through ethical ways, Lip teams up with Joaquin to take a more illegal shortcut.

However, not everything that Fiona is doing is unarguably good. Her independence and “self-improvement” is one of the major plotlines of this season, and one thing I was afraid of is that this would backfire on her or that the writers would paint it as a bad move. I honestly think Fiona was overdue for some “me time” and that she deserves to look after herself after everything that she’s done. However, it was clear that this change would have its consequences, some of them bad. Last week we already saw how this new attitude caused an argument between her and V (which is still a thing in this episode). This time, even Ian comments on her “selfish” attitude. The truth is, it’s one thing to put yourself first, but it’s a completely different one to be rude to others and stop caring about your family altogether. Fiona needs to find a balance, but then again, these Gallaghers are always about the extremes.

Own your shit - Shameless
Fiona’s tough love doesn’t seem to be working on Debbie either. After asking Frank for some advice, she starts asking for money in the streets, claiming it’s either this or prostitution. Debbie has made some questionable, poor decisions over the years, but her character is barely recognizable at this point. I’m finding it harder not to dislike her, especially since I was hoping she would reach some sort of epiphany after the baby was born. In this episode, she gets in a fight with another homeless person, which causes her to get investigated for child endangerment and neglect. Honestly, her broke-teen-mom situation was unsustainable even before Fiona gave her the money ultimatum. Is this finally her wake-up call? Will she give the baby for adoption?

Frank’s way of owning his shit doesn’t even involve him. At least, not directly. His talk with the press has somehow caused a billionaire to take an interest in buying the house, making it public housing. Frank is obviously thrilled and gets carried away in asking the man for new appliances, including a TV. The situation is too good to be true, so I think it’s safe to assume it’ll backfire at some point.

Meanwhile, Carl cannot apply for military school because they’re full and all slots remaining are only for people of color. Thankfully, he takes a different approach to “his blackness” in comparison to last season. Him asking for Dominique’s father to vouch for his blackness results in an oral test that proves that his ancestor origins might actually qualify him as a native American. Little development for Ian and Trevor’s relationship compared to last week too. Ian is attracted to Trevor (it’s probably too soon to talk about feelings), but he’s confused about his genitalia. His short exchange on the matter with Frank proves once again that Ian’s got no one around him who can advice him on this. He’s certainly learning a lot from Trevor and his friends, but it’s still a big shock for him and he’s having trouble imagining how the sex would be like.

Svetlana, V and Kevin have decided to adopt each others’ kids for finances sake, resulting in Kevin still having problems with feeling like the third wheel. It’s not a big deal yet, but it might cause some future problems for the family, especially with the inclusion of Svetlana’s dad. Svetlana’s words to Debbie in ‘I Am a Storm’ were a bit suspicious, but then again, it could just be her being blatantly honest, and I have problems imagining her betraying V and Kevin’s trust.

All in all, ‘Own Your Shit’ was not as entertaining as the previous episodes, but it’s also good to have a breather episode that takes its time to advance everyone’s storylines. Many characters are now taking different routes to achieve what they want, but no matter what they do, it looks like things are not going to be easy for any of them.

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