‘The Defenestration of Frank’ has little to do with Frank, and much more with the Gallagher siblings and possibly hinting at the end of the story being near.


If the lack of news on a season renewal wasn’t enough, the debate on this being the final season of Shameless has only been growing given some of the arrangements the writers seem to be doing lately. For starters, the threat of Debbie’s baby being taken away is seemingly gone as Neil has pretty much come down from the heavens as the perfect solution. Debbie sees Neil as the only man who won’t lie to her (he literally can’t), and she believes getting engaged is the best deal for both of them. It’s not ideal, and I doubt anyone could have even imagined this scenario a few seasons ago, but hey, if it works, it works.

The engagement might complicate things a bit for Lip, who’s trying to keep it “casual” with Neil’s older sister. In this episode, Lip discovers female ejaculation, which is a pretty random way to introduce the whole “being comfortable with a guy” topic. But then again, this is Shameless, and they’re known for covering everything that’s considered taboo by the general public. It was also worth it if only for the scene with Fiona, Lip and Ian talking about it in bed. Once again, it’s the little scenes like the three of them chatting, or Ian putting his arm around Carl that reminds us that, at the core, it’s all about taking care of each other.

The Defenestration of Frank - Shameless
Fiona already showed signs of going a bit overboard with her new attitude last week, but it’s really starting to show in this one. At this point, it’s no longer about looking after herself, but also about ignoring everyone else in the process, whether she realizes it or not. Fiona’s not only considering screwing over an old lady who shows signs of Alzheimer’s, but she’s also taking a loan out of the house to invest in the laundromat. This is reminiscent to what she did in Season 3 with the club when she took everyone’s savings without permission. Remember how mad Lip was about that? Lip and Fiona have been fighting quite a lot this season, but then again, Lip is not one to talk since he’s also getting paid illegally. It only gets worse considering that the house is technically Carl’s, since he paid for it last season. Not only that, but that action marked the beginning of probably the most beautiful character development we have seen from this family. Carl leaves for military school to “become a man” and everyone is proud of him. Will he be appearing next episode? Or will it be like when Ian was missing for most of Season 4?

Some really disturbing things going for Kevin and Veronica this time. Kevin sees Svetlana and Yvon having sex, which leads the couple to speculate that maybe she’s being raped by her own father. I honestly don’t know how Frank could thing that rape was better than consensual incest. Fortunately, it was neither: Yvon is actually Svetlana’s husband (is she not married to Mickey then?). I’m not sure why Svetlana would lie to them about that. The truth is, the polygamy relationship this season has had a lot of focus on Svetlana for some reason. Considering she knows so much about their finances, I can’t help but wonder if she’s planning something suspicious.

Not a lot of focus on Ian and Frank in this episode. It takes a person dying in the ambulance for Ian to realize the first person he wants to tell first is Trevor. They don’t have sex because they’re both tops so they end up laughing instead. It’s a bit strange that Ian would go from crying of shock to laughing so quickly, though. The fact that they’re both tops should not stop them either, but at least there’s some progress. As per the shelter, I don’t think anyone is surprised that they would eventually find Frank out. However, I will admit I was expecting the authorities to realize it before the Gallagher substitutes. The truth is, out of all the characters in the series, Frank is the only one I can see getting an open ending.