Severe Chill Studios Presents New Web Series ‘REX’

Fans of In Earnest are in luck because Severe Chill Studios are back with a brand new web series called REX.

REX will be based on the legends of King Arthur. There are going to be some similarities with In Earnest in the sense that both web series are adaptations of classics. However there will also be many differences: “this time we’re taking more freedom. It’s more ‘inspired by’ than just an adaptation”, explains Rachel Pullen, production manager.

This series is also going to be “very different” from what they’ve done before. It’s going to be “darker” and “more mature”. However, the creators guarantee that there’s still going to be plenty of humor in it. On the other hand, it’s also going to have a much wider range of ages: “In Earnest was usually people in their 20s, this time it can go from 8 to 60 years old”.

One of the main highlights of REX is also going to be fact that it’ll be a male-driven cast. “Web series are usually dominated by females and while we love that female empowering, we also want to add some diversity this time and have equal representation”, explains director Taryn Cole.

As per the themes of the series, the creators announce that REX is gonna be focusing on family relationships (especially those between brothers and sisters), friendship, forgiveness, perseverance and learning from mistakes. “We’re focusing a lot on the relationships and the interaction between the characters. It’s all about the human connection”, explains Cole.

On the technical side, there’s also going to be some changes in the way they film. “Even though it’s gonna keep being a vlog with characters talking in front of a camera, we’re also going to be moving around this time so that you will also see characters talking to each other”.

The creators also commented on the current state of web series as not only a source of entertainment, but also education. “Web series are like an early step in film-making. It’s imporant not only to entertainment but also to education. For example, In Earnest has been shown in many literature classes”. As for the fact that many web series are literature adaptations, the creators comment that “taking a storyline that already exists takes a lot of pressure off you when you’re starting”. But it’s not just that, the girls also love literature: “Many of these works are seen as old fashioned but we want to bring those back and get people reintroduced to the classics”.

On another note, Carly Straight, transmedia manager, also emphasises the importance of transmedia in web series. “It’s a huge part of the experience. It makes the audience more invested. We occasionally comment on Twitter and Tumblr posts acting as the characters”. However, Straight explains that “the audience doesn’t get to influence the story since the script is ready before filming”.

To make REX possible, Severe Chill Studios has just launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the series

Filming for REX will start this summer and the series will later be released in January 2016. You can follow them on their Twitter and Tumblr accounts for the latest updates and developments on REX.

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