(Credit to @bbcpointswest, @FearsomeHippo74 and mine_turtle6 for the photos)

The fandom who waited is gonna start enjoying its wait after the shooting for the Christmas Special started yesterday in Bristol (UK).  In the last few hours, Twitter and Tumblr have brought us a considerate amount of candid photos of what is popularly known as #Setlock. There is little to be known from the first day on set, but it’s definitely more than enough to make fandom’s speculation begin. 

Of course that’s no surprise considering the amount of speculation we got after the famous “Victorian photo” of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman was released by the BBC back in November. Was the show gonna go full on Victorian? Maybe not, but judging from some tweets, it does seem like there’s gonna be some kind of Victorian-theme going on for the episode:

While it appears that Martin Freeman and some extras were seen dressed in costume, Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted wearing green check trousers. On the other hand, we must not forget that this will be a Christmas Special, hence the sighting of possible Christmas trees inside of one of the trucks. 

One of the places they’ve shot at was at the Colston Hall where only the cellars were used (the auditorium was currently in use). Here’s a photo of the place taken from its website: 


Of course the one person that fans were most looking forward to see was Andrew Scott, who plays the character of fan-favourite Moriarty. Sherlock’s major enemy promised to come back in the Season 3 finale. If Season 3 was about finding out how Sherlock survived the fall, then now it’s the time to explain how the hell did Moriarty survive a shot to the head.

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According to a Martin Freeman interview from last year, the shooting will end in February. So here’s to a month full of crazy speculation that hopefully will keep fans sane until the special finally airs next Christmas. 

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