Silicon Valley: ‘Server Space’ Review And Thoughts For the Season


WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

Funding problems are now solved and Pied Piper is slowly but surely making its way towards establishing itself as an important company… or something like that. In this week’s ‘Server Space’, we see how all this decision making is affecting Richard to the point that he’s now having night sweats. Comments by his doctor and Jared (the only one who knows about it) are only making him more worried that the next step is going to be bed wetting. Richard is obviously very embarrassed by that thought and doesn’t want to talk about it.

In the beginning of ‘Server Space’ we find out that Pied Piper is looking for a new place to build their office as they’re planning on moving out from Erlich’s house. Erlich, who feels a bit sad about moving the business, starts taking on Japanese business traditions for some reason. It seemed like there was no way back, but then Gilfoyle (who hasn’t had much of a role this season yet) suggests that they build their own servers instead. Yes, it would cost a lot of money, but they do have the money in a check. So it comes to the point that the check either goes towards the new office or towards the servers. Just another decision to make Richard more and more stressed. Erlich ends up convincing him that they stay at his place since he considers that Richard is still not ready to leave the incubator and go into the outer world. 

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Gilfoyle is the one in charge for building the server and immediately rejects Dinesh’s help. They decide to build them in the garage, where Jared used to live until now (seriously?). The outcome of this is that Jared has to move to Richard’s room. However, it turns out that he speaks German in his sleep, which keeps waking Richard in the middle of the night.

We also have a neighbour who keeps popping up to see what they’re doing. Elrich tells Richard to stop talking to him since it’s “no one’s bussiness” what they’re doing in there. However, that night the power goes off because Dinesh had sneaked in the garage and had screwed something up with the servers. The result is that the power in the whole neighbourhood is down. That clearly pisses the neighbour off, who threatens them of reporting them to the city inspector. Luckily for them, Richard, who had to sleep in the garden because he couldn’t sleep due to Jared yelling in German, happens to find out that the neighbour has a ferret, which is illegal. Erlich and Richard go up to his house and confront him on it. 

server space - silicon valley - the daily fandom

On the other hand, the show keeps insisting on showing us Hooli, Gavin and Bighead, which reinforces them as the main rivals for the season. Things aren’t going so well for them either. Gavin announces that Nelson has been promoted once again. This time to Head Dreamer, something that only confuses Big Head even more. Gavin also says that he has some big news: Nucleus will be the exclusive provider of live streaming for next month’s ultimate fighting championship event. However, the employees are not convinced because their video process is 6-16 weeks or more behind schedule. No one wants to tell Gavin the bad news. Seems like there’s trouble in paradise.

To be honest, I thought that they would actually move out to a different office. Yes, it was a risky decision because the whole communal living thing at Erlich’s would be gone and I personally like to see Pied Piper as a group of friends trying to work things out from home. However, it would have also been nice to be introduced to a new surrounding for the company. Especially since ‘Server Space’ tried to make a point of how they barely fit in this house anymore. Maybe we’ll get to see that in Season 3?  On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder how is Richard going to be able to sleep now if he has to share a room with Jared. Maybe they’ll take Jared to Richard’s doctor so they can go to sleep therapy together? That’d be interesting to see! We’re now halfway through the season. Last season we had TechCrunch as the big final objective. I wonder where the second half of the season is going towards, but my money is on another collision between Pied Piper and Nucleus.


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