WARNING: SPOILERS for the first episode.

Ever since an anime version of Akame Ga Kill was announced last January, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this anime. The manga was first published in 2010 and, after a long wait, the first episode, Kill the Darkness, came out on July 6th. Here at The Daily Fandom, we review the first episode to see whether the expectations were fulfilled.


Tatsumi, a young boy from the countryside, lived in a village abused by the taxes from the Capital. Relying on his childhood friends and his fighting skills, Tatsumi travels to the Capital to earn some money to try to save his village. However, when he gets to the big city, he discovers that the situation is much worse than expected. There’s corruption, there’s incredibly evil people and there’s a war to fight.

akame ga kill - the daily fandom

The landscapes are very neat and detailed

So it could be said that this anime falls in the categories of Fantasy, Adventure and Action. The gore factor is there, but for now it only proves to us that they’re not afraid to be realist. If people get cut in half, we will see it and we will see blood coming out. And people die, no matter whether they’re the main character or just a random person walking by.

Tatsumi is a nice likeable character from the start. He’s innocent, but determined and not afraid to do the right thing when the time comes. The show also has some comedy and I can’t wait to see the relationships between the members of the Night Raiders, a dark secret organization fighting evil… at night.

akame ga kill - the daily fandom

However, you could tell that some of the gore they showed was just for the shock factor and there was also some fan service going on. But it was the first episode and they had to catch the viewer’s attention so… that happens.

One of the other things I noticed after a few minutes in was the music. The soundtrack was composed by Taku Iwasaki (who also composed the soundtracks for Soul Eater and Ben-To, among others) and it matches every situation perfectly.

If there’s one anime Akame Ga Kill has been compared to that will have to be Attack on Titan, where all the similarities rely on the violence and gore, the beautiful settings, the kill-anyone policy and other spoiler-y things.

In conclusion, if you like fictional stories about dystopian societies, secret organisations, action scenes and comedy, you should definitely give it a chance. This could become the anime of the summer 2014!

akame ga kill - the daily fandom