Netflix doesn’t do SDCC. Well, they had to have one flaw, didn’t they? Still, even though we didn’t a full cast panel, J. Michael Straczynski did show up for a meeting for his latest baby, Sense8. So here’s what we found out.

First of all, what all the fans are dying to know – there will be a season 2, right? Right? JMS says that we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. I’ll go back to lighting my candles and sing hymns to the Seven Gods, then. He also gave out a couple of fun facts – the show was watched internationally as well as domestically, which I know since I was one of those who did a full binge session outside of the US, and everything is shot in a very subjective point of view. There’s always a character we’re following in every sequence – you don’t say, JMS. You don’t say.
He also said that the issues of gender, sexuality and identity were the main themes in the writers’ room, and well, we saw how that played out. Perfectly.

JMS had something to say about filming on location – yes, the whole series was shot without using sets. First of all, did you know that Icelanders have an app that tells them if they’re related to the person they’d like to date, since they’re so few? JMS also reported that the Indian crew in Mumbai was extremely happy that Indian culture was finally explored outside of the whole stereotype area. Also, all the scenes with Neets and Nomi at the San Francisco Gay Pride were shot on the occasion of the actual Gay Pride. I really love how true they tried to be, how real it all feels.

JMS pointed out how the sensates aren’t mutants à la X-Men. All human beings used to be sensated, but most of the world just lost this ability. And will we see more clusters? «Just keep on watching!» is the answer.

JMS also says that the whole series was designed as a 12 hour long movie, and it’s supposed to be watched in one session. So basically he’s promoting binge-watching. Let us love you. Also, he adds that the first four episodes are Arc 1, the ones where everything gets introduced, and to JMS are dubbed, «What the fuck», «Huh?», «I think I see where we’re going with this», and «I think I get it». I have to say, I could get behind these new titles.

A fan then asked how is the cluster going to deal with the fact of Whispers now being inside Will’s head. JMS pointed out how Angelica was able to hide from him using drugs, and that Kala is a chemist. Does this mean we’ll see Will constantly high to keep the other sensates safe? I don’t know if I’m ok with that, but it could be a solution.
Then, another question – «whose idea was it to have Lito experience period pains», aka one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a very long time? JMS doesn’t remember, but he thinks it could have been Lana’s. Well, thank you. Thank you for the epicene that is the «I see you, villain! You and your fucking villain mustache!» line. From the bottom of my heart.

Closing up, since this was the first official gathering of Sense8 fans, JMS dubbed it ‘The Clusterfuck‘. 1×06 war flashbacks are playing out. I want this name on my grave, thank you very much. JMS also would like to apologize to all the people who can’t get «What’s going on?» out of their heads. Yeah, that’s me. Again.

And this has been all from the Sense8 panel! Thank you for reading, and keep on following The Daily Fandom for everything that’s the SDCC!