Sense8′s Brian J. Smith hints at risk of cancellation and asks fans to show support for the Netflix series.

While Sense8 fans are still enjoying every second of the recently released second season, actor Brian J. Smith warns that it might be the show’s last:

There’s no reason to panic yet. It’s just a tweet, and it’s hard to imagine such a loved series being canceled so easily. However, there are some things to consider. Mainly, the fact that sense8 has a very high budget. Each episode of the first season cost around $4.5 million per episode. The number went up for the second season, with each episode costing $9 million each, making it a total of $108 million. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Netflix is planning on canceling the series, but it’s possible that a decision to renew it has not been made yet. And hey, online fan support never hurt anyone!

Fans of the Netflix series are currently using the #RenewSense8 hashtag to spread the message on social media. So far, the goal of raising awareness seems to be working: the hashtag has trended in several countries since then, and most fans of the series are aware of the urgency of the situation by now. And sure, tweets don’t ever really guarantee anything, but Netflix might have viewers’ petition into consideration.

Another way to support the show is to tell your friends and family about it. After all, the more people watch and talk about it, the higher the chances for it to get more episodes!

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