‘Selfie’ SHO-FILE

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Selfie: A timely exploration of the internet’s influence on everyday life, and a reminder of how important it is to log off every once in a while.

In A Nutshell

Selfie introduces us to Eliza Dooley, a social media savvy sales rep who comes to the realization that being friended is not the same thing as having friends. Upon discovering that she’s far less popular in real life than she is online, Eliza resolves to change her image. But in order to do so, she must enlist the help of marketing expert Henry Higgs.

Meet the Characters

Eliza Dooley
Eliza Dooley

Eliza is a sales representative for KinderKare Pharmaceuticals, but her main occupation is cultivating followers on Instagram. Although she appears to be vapid and self-centred, these traits are a mask for her inner insecurities. As Eliza grows comfortable with expressing her true personality, it becomes clear that she is a warm and caring individual.



Henry Higgs
Henry Higgs

As the company’s head of marketing, Henry is the perfect person to ‘rebrand’ Eliza. Though he helps her, it’s apparent that he also has a lot to learn from her. Henry’s cold demeanour and rigorous work ethic has damaged many of his relationships; it is through knowing Eliza that he comes to understand the importance of opening up to others.



Charmonique Whitaker
Charmonique Whitaker

Charmonique is the office receptionist and Eliza’s first real friend. Her blatant honesty makes for some entertaining interactions as well as keeping those around her in check.




Sam Saperstein
Sam Saperstein

Sam is KinderKare Pharmaceuticals’ chairman. He behaves like a fellow co-worker rather than a superior, thereby earning the respect of his employees. Sam takes an interest in Henry’s personal life, and often encourages him to be more outgoing.



A Brief History of Selfie: The When, Where, and How

Selfie is an American romantic comedy series created by Emily Kapnek that aired on ABC in 2014. It is a loose adaptation of the 1912 play Pygmalion with a plot that has been revised for modern audiences.

Despite vocal support from fans and a #SaveSelfie campaign on twitter, the series was sadly cancelled after a 13-episode run. However, it continues to be lovingly remembered as ‘a show that had potential’.

Why It’s Awesome

Selfie gif - The Daily Fandom

Selfie is a small show with a big heart. Each episode promotes its own message – about taking chances, practicing kindness, letting go of the past…and so many other things. The comedy itself is genuine and light-hearted, the characters charming in their own quirky ways. Watching the scenarios and relationships that play out is a guaranteed mood-booster.

Of course, a significant aspect of any romantic comedy is the romance, and that’s another thing this show does well. Eliza and Henry have an easy chemistry that never feels forced. Although they’re seemingly opposites, they also have similarities which make their connection believable: both Henry and Eliza are unable to form meaningful connections and distance themselves from others through work and social media, respectively. Rather than showcasing the perfect pair, the focus is on two flawed individuals who bring out the best in each other. Short and sweet, this series is ideal for the shippers out there. 

Overall Score

Show Quality8/10