Tokyo Geek’s Guide is Everything An Otaku Needs to Know Before Travelling to Japan

Tokyo Geek’s Guide is out today, July 11th. And if you’re an otaku planning a trip to Japan, you might want to get a copy before you take your flight! Published by Tuttle Publishing, and written by Gianni Simone, Tokyo Geek’s Guide is a travel guide for otaku who are planning a trip to Japan. […]

Mr. Robot ‘Brave Traveler’ Review: Sometimes You Lose… Big Time

WARNING: This review contains spoilers Things are getting pretty serious in Mr. Robot as we start seeing the possible outcomes to Elliot’s choices. In ‘Brave Traveler’, Elliot takes a break from FSociety to due to being blackmailed into breaking Vera out of prison in exchange for Shayla’s life. Surprisingly enough, Mr. Robot didn’t have much […]

7 Books That Provide An Escape From The Screen

While the real world continues to get weirder during this time of #quarantine, it’s easy to escape into #movies and #television. However, for those whose eyes need a break from the screen, here are 7 literary worlds that are just as good!