My finding of Search Party was not intentional. I was not searching for the show (pun intended), it merely came upon my Hulu front page as if it were fate. I had a month free of HBO and live Hulu TV, so I said, Alia Shawkat? Well, why not! Alia Shawkat is a bisexual queen who advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, which is already a huge plus. And she is quite charming at that.

Plus, she played in Arrested Development and I love Arrested Development. Perfect reasons to watch. I knew nothing about the show beforehand – but, after watching the first season, I remained hooked. And to this day – still hooked. The more the reason to write about how great it is, am I right?

Search Party: The Gist

The show does melodrama remarkably well. As a millennial, I continue to stay hooked on melodrama; it is in my blood. We have too many reality television shows for it not to be. This show could not come at a more perfect time. Search Party consists of Dory Sief, Drew Gardner, Elliott Goss, and Portia Davenport. These are the main characters in the series and the show revolves around them.

The character you should know of, but not really know as much as the other 4 is Julian. He’s mostly just there to be Dory’s previous lover… mostly. However, the other 4 all have their distinct personalities, and that is what makes them the best of friends. When you watch the show, you will realize that each one of them is self-absorbed in their own way. But only they can handle their over-the-top narcissism, which is why they remain such close friends.

The least self-absorbed one in the group is Drew, and even, at times, he can be just as self-absorbed. This show remains focused on millennials and how vexatious we are about everything. We never focus on the bigger picture enough to realize the little things – that is why we miss the most important clues.

Don’t Miss The Most Important Clues!

This happens to Dory often throughout the show. If you look back, she missed some very vital clues that could have solved the case by Episode 3 at least. Nevertheless, she was too self-absorbed to even know it. She, and none of her friends at that, are concerned about the well-being of Chantal. Dory just wanted to feel good about herself. She wanted praise… we will get into that because she gets it – but, it doesn’t make her feel better.

Search Party: The Real Gist

The show stays concentrated around Dory and her pals. They are in the big apple and doing the adult thing – you know the thing where you pay bills and go to college? Yeah, that thing. Dory is a professional assistant and a doormat. She doesn’t quite know where she wants to go with this thing called life.

Dory uses “Finding Chantal” as an excuse to prolong her confusion about what she wants to do. Dory has a passive boyfriend named Drew (played by the handsome, John Reynolds), and two best friends. Her friends include the egotistical Elliott (played by the fab, John Early), and fickle Portia (played by, Meredith Hagner).

…And, as I said – sometimes Julian shows up, but he’s not that important to describe. He is the ex-boyfriend of Dory, and the reason they broke up was that he’s a know-it-all and annoyingly blunt.

There Are Two Seasons? What Are They About?

The first season focuses on the disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom (what a name). Dory begins to become obsessed with finding out where Chantel went or if she is truly dead. She begins to have a… search party for her. The search party is herself and her friends (unwillingly). They go on a search to find out what happened to her.

Dory believes with everything in her power that she is in danger. The clues she sees, the people she gets tangled with that know about Chantal, and the adventures they take to find her lead them to trouble. The second season follows a murder that happened at the ending of season one and how it affects each character.

A Review of Search Party – Season 1

Season one of Search Party was mysterious, strange, and unusual. The best words to describe the season. What I loved most about the series is the mystery. As watchers, we are consistently taken aback by how much we stay invested in the mystery. Even though the puzzle ended up being a fraud, it was still interesting seeing it pan out.

Keith, Season 1, and the Melodrama…

Keith played a vital part this season, and so did Dory. Dory ended up cheating on Drew with Keith. Even despite Drew wanting to fix the relationship, if he could. Despite, Dory appearing to be unphased about the relationship overall and wanting more excitement.

In Season 1 Chantal is missing, and Dory is finding clues. Dory is talking to friends and family about Chantal, and seeing Chantal everywhere she goes. Well, seeing her for split seconds and then she disappears.

This season is a twist. Binge watch this one before you watch season 2. Or else, Season 2 will not make much sense at all, trust me on that. In Season 1, you meet the characters of the show and just how self-absorbed they are. The aforementioned will be of importance a lot throughout the series and throughout the second season.

Those Darn Millennials!

Search Party is realizing that it just so happens that life doesn’t stop because you want it to. It keeps going regardless of if you want it to or not. If you have no idea what’s going on or if you have it all figured out. You don’t. You never do. Search Party is eccentric and captivating because it does cryptic and dispirited so well and mixes it with unexplainable situations and puzzles.

Without spoiling the show, I will say, don’t believe everything you see or hear. Search Party can so quickly become ruined that you can’t talk too much about the details – but, trust me, they are all critical. Make sure you focus on them. Each little detail that you might think is not necessary, it most likely is.

A Review of Search Party – Season 2

Note to the readers: There’s going to be a few spoilers preceding this sentence for season 2. It’s hard to talk about season 2 without spoiling the murder of some sort or what happened. Spoilers to come!

Season 2 of Search Party deals with the aftermath of a murder. Dory and Drew (who was drug into it) murder someone; while Dory is trying to figure out what exactly happened. Elliott is pulled into the aftermath to try and hide the body with Dory and Drew and it’s an ordeal.

After everything happens, Dory is stuck with a million and one questions: “Was he really trying to kill her? Was he just trying to stop her? Why did she bring Drew into this?” She begins to overthink about if Keith was really trying to murder her. Or, if he was just absolutely freaking insane, which is plausible.

So many questions are brought up just by the season finale of season one. Watchers and myself included are left with the beginning and aftermath of a murder, a scandal, and a deterioration of friendship as well. These points are going to drive the second season home in an intense way.

Season 2 Brings Even More Murder… If That’s Possible?

Season 2 focuses solely on these points and unfortunately murder twice over. The murder is the highlight because season 2 focuses on how and when they deal with what they did. Plus, there are more murders that happen in this season alone – which adds to the obscurity.

Sooner or later the gang has to deal with the repercussions, and for some, that is sooner — especially for Dory. You never truly know how things affect you until you are listening to the silence by yourself. This season shows that. And, the show displays it damn well – I will attest and stand by that.

Search Party Season 2: Paranoia At Its Finest

This season has a lot of complications. By episode 205 of season 2 titled, “Paranoia,” we get a glimpse into how hard Dory and Elliott are dealing with the aftermath of murdering Keith. This causes a dysfunction in the group of friends. Everyone is on edge and blaming everyone else for the malfunction.

Right now, it is Dory under accusation for everything she has done. Including sending a cryptic email from Keith’s email to his wife and family. Things are slowly unraveling and not in a good way.

Despite this and by 210, April is onto them and asking for money. She is not only asking for money she is also asking for Dory, Drew, Portia, and Elliott to feel bad about what they did. April will guarantee this happens regardless of if she has the money or not.

Why Season 2 Is A Fantastic Watch

Season 2 is all about mind games. Watching season 1 was truly comical and entertaining. Season 2 deflects from that in a big way. It begins to be more about how the gang deals with what they have done. And, Dory coping with what she made them do and being blamed for it all. By the ending of the season, 208-210 – everything is unraveling and everyone for that matter too. They are all trying to figure out what to do and how to fix this. Dory is finally reaching a breaking point. From constantly being blamed to dealing with the nightmares of the murder; she cannot catch a break. As a watcher, I battle with feeling bad for Dory and wishing she would finally get caught at the same time.

Spoilers for 210 of Search Party

Shawkat is a fantastic actress in this series. By 210, I was puzzled. Truly puzzled. Dory goes to murder April at the ending of season two and besides that, she is being hauled to the police station for killing Keith. Everything is coming to an end, however, she is in more turmoil then she can begin to mutter.

Dory is being arrested for killing Keith. But, she just killed April, too and sooner or later people will notice that April is missing. What is interesting about this season finale is Dory didn’t seem to care at all. She is becoming a murderer before our eyes, and this is even despite her seeming to deal with it the hardest. What do we make of Dory? And what will season three bring to the character that we love to hate? I guess we will just have to wait and see… Until then, happy binging!

Why Should You Binge Watch?

Well, glad you asked. This show is suspense and entertaining all in one. It is an exciting show to watch because as a millennial myself I understand the self-absorbed vibes it gives off. We can, somewhat, be a generation of being self-absorbed. This show is using that in a comedic way. I adore it.

How Long Would It Take To Binge Watch Search Party?

You should binge watch this show without a doubt. You can binge watch it on TBS until February 28th, 2018. That means you can binge watch every day both seasons if you want to. Each episode is about… 25 minutes long with commercials. The show is a half-hour regularly, so two episodes equal an hour. Only ten episodes per season, so you’ll spend about five hours watching both seasons. I would say it’s not bad at all.