The last day of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was, as usual, calmer than the previous day. However, there were still many exciting things going on in Hall H!

Here are the highlights from SDCC2016 Day 4, Sunday 24th. (Click on each bullet point to go straight to that section):

  1. Sherlock

  2. Supernatural

  3. Pokémon Go

  4. Livestreams

Sherlock Promises a Very Dark Fourth Season

Given that he’s one of the busiest actors around, getting to see Benedict Cumberbatch actually sit down to talk about Sherlock sure is something. Season 4 of the popular series is coming in 2017 and so there was a lot of expectation for some footage. Expectations were met and we did get a trailer, probably the darkest one yet:

Not everything was sad, though! Ben did a little Donald Trump impersonation, Moffat talked about how he doesn’t want to change Sherlock’s coat, and Gatiss joked that there won’t be a Season 5, but there will be a Season 6… whatever that means. You can see some of the highlights from the panel HERE.

Supernatural: Trending Worldwide and An Official Day

There’s really no stopping the Supernatural train. Comic-Con is the time of the year when TV shows get the most media and fan exposure, but no other series got as much attention as Supernatural did. Managing to trend #SupernaturalSDCC worldwide minutes before the panel even started, the hashtag actually reached the number one position and stayed there for the whole hour the panel lasted.

To hype fans even more, Warner Bros announced that September 13th, 2016 is officially Supernatural day. Make sure to mark your calendars cause we will definitely be celebrating it! Aside from that, they showed some exclusive footage like a little teaser of Season 12 (with lots of Mary Winchester) and a gag reel. Speaking of mama Winchester, Samantha Smith jumped on stage, followed by Ruth Connell (is this the most women a Supernatural panel has had?). As usual, the panel was one of the funniest in all weekend (including the return of the hamster on a leash) and a beautiful marriage proposal.

There were also some rumors on Season 13, but they were NOT true. Supernatural is often renewed mid-season, when the CW cancels or renews shows depending on the ratings, so it will be a while until we get such an announcement (if we do).

Pokémon Go Introduces Team Leaders

Pokémon Go - The Daily FandomThe new-found Pokémon fever prompted Comic Con to upgrade the Pokémon Go panel to Hall H. The main attraction of the event was the hope that a Legendary Pokémon would appear in Hall H, but it was all a rumor. It was said that players cannot expect legendaries until the game has been released in all regions. Regardless of that, Niantic’s panel served to introduce the leaders behind Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct: Candela, Blanche and Spark. 

Being the most downloaded app in a first week ever, it’s only natural that Pokémon Go will keep updating the game to improve the gaming experience. Some of the things that were announced: Pokémon centers, customizing Pokéstops and more functionalities in the gyms. Also, apparently there are some easter eggs that no player has found yet!

LIVESTREAMS: Comic-Con From Home!

Marvel Live! continued offering livestreams from SDCC and Nerd HQ had a very trong finish, including  conversations with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Jossh WhedonSupernatural and Jared Padalecki… which turned out to be another Supernatural panel (not that we’re complaining about it).