SDCC2016 Day 3: Saturday Recap: DC and MARVEL Own San Diego!

SDCC2016 Day 3

Day 3 of San Diego Comic-Con saw the big annual match between DC and MARVEL. The result was a lot of of trailers, logos and all type of superhero-related surprises. Oh, and we also saw got a title for the new Star Trek Series!

Here are the highlights from SDCC2016 Day 3, Saturday 23rd. (Click on each bullet point to go straight to that section):

Warner Bros. Pictures: Trailers Everywhere

Did Warner Bros/DC just win Comic-Con? That’s up for debate, but it cannot be denied that DC had everyone in the palm of their hand during that 2-hour long panel.

The first panel was for Wonder Woman and, as many fans predicted, we did get our first trailer and it looks nothing short of AMAZING. Director Patty Jenkins and the cast seemed very passionate about the project.

The surprise came from Justice League. No one was really expecting a trailer considering they have barely started shooting, but DC still arranged a little teaser in which the biggest highlights were Aquaman and The Flash. We also got a first look photo of the full Justice League, and Henry Cavill was confirmed to be back as Superman. HERE‘s some footage of the cast jumping on stage.

It was hard to get excited for the soon-to-come Suicide Squad movie after the new Wonder Woman and Justice League footage, but it was still amazing to see the full cast on stage, including Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis. We got a new trailer that gives out a better idea of what to expect from the movie (hitting theaters on August 5th). The cast was also on Conan later at night.

Warner Bros still had time to present a hilarious trailer for the promising The Lego Batman Movie, as well as the astonishing-looking Kong: Skull Island and King Arthur.

But wait, there’s more! It was time for some magic with the return of the Harry Potter universe at the hands of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. David Yates and Eddie Redmayne were in charge of bringing the magic back by delivering wands to every single attendee of Hall H and casting a Lumos Maxima. And, of course, new trailer:

MARVEL: Logos Everywhere

What could MARVEL deliver after the madness that was the Warner Bros/DC panel? Well, things didn’t start out very good when it was announced that MARVEL wouldn’t be releasing any of the footage shown in Hall H online. Strangely enough, they did release a trailer for Doctor Strange, which was jaw-dropping:

Besides that, the panel was more about introducing (very retro-looking) logos, including MARVEL’s new image. We got logos for Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (as well as an announcement for a new ride at Disney California Adventure Park) . Oh, and Brie Larson was confirmed as Captain MARVEL!

TV panels: More DC and Star Trek Discovery!

While MARVEL owned Friday with the news on Agents of SHIELD and Luke Cage, Saturday was all about DC shows. Supergirl introduced Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, Legends of Tomorrow gave us a first look at Season 2 and Arrow released their Season 5 trailer and a highlight reel. FOX’s Gotham (panel highlights) gave us a little taste of Season 3 and Ben McZenzie hinted at something juicy in a TV Line interview. The general consensus seems to be that The Flash was the big winner of the day, as it did not only release an amazing Season 3 trailer confirming Flashpoint, but we also got Tom Felton join the cast on stage (“Last time I was here, I was representing a series with a lightning bolt!”). HERE‘s another interview with the cast.

Putting comicbooks aside now, the Once Upon a Time panel was one of the biggest attractions of the day. Aladdin was revealed and we also got a Season 6 trailer. Check out this other interview with TV Line. Following from Friday’s Bones and Orphan Black, another show coming to an end is The Vampire Diaries and Kevin Williamson was announced to come back as a writer.

Another TV highlight of the day, a little overshadowed by everything else, was the Star Trek panel in Hall H, moderated by the trekkie Bryan Fuller. The panel featured serious, socially relevant discussions on the themes of Star Trek and how they’re sadly not being applied in this day and age. On a happy note, we got the full title for the new series to be released in 2017: Star Trek Discovery.

Other news of the day included the Season 2 trailers for Blindspot, Lucifer and The ExpanseThe Magicians enjoyed their first panel and released the first scene of Season 2. Oh, and Tumblr will love this: an interview with Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse!

LIVESTREAMS: Watch Comic-Con From Home!

IGN, Marvel and The Nerd Machine continued offering livestreams from SDCC. These are the links for Saturday’s livestreams:

IGN (4 hours)

MARVEL Live! (9 hours)

Nerd HQ (9 hours)
It was a calmer day for Nerd HQ. Highlights of the day included the hilarious cast of American Gods and *gasp* Tom Hiddleston!

Here’s another cosplay video by IGN from Day 3:

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