Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con brought about some very interesting TV panels including the highly awaited American Gods, a new Sonic game announcement, and the arrival of Benedict Cumberbatch, among other things.

Here are the highlights from SDCC2016 Day 2, Friday 22nd. (Click on each bullet point to go straight to that section):

American Gods Has Everyone Excited

According to the American Gods panel, both book fans and newcomers will be able to enjoy the new series by STARZ. Neil Gaiman and Bryan and Fuller seem to work great together, and the cast is really talented, fun and seemed very excited about the project. The panelists also stated that it was always key to maintain the racial themes (“as it should be in any adaptation”) and had a great message about giving out love to “do better” and fight the “climate of hate” created by Internet trolls.

Here’s a first look at American Gods:

Sonic Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary with Sonic Mania

Who said Sonic was dead?

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is celebrating its 25th anniversary by taking the franchise back to its 2D roots with new game Sonic Mania. Very few expected one of the biggest announcements of the day to come from the Sonic party from House of Blues, but it really was a wild and fun event. Here’s a live blog of the party.

Sadly, fans will have to wait until 2017 for the release of the game.

So Many TV Panels!

It can no longer be denied that TV shows have become as relevant as movies in Comic-Con. Friday was a clear proof of this, as we got more close to 20 TV panels. Here are some of the highlights:

The Big Bang Theory announced some big casting news: Jack McBrayer has been cast as Penny’s brother (here’s Jack entering the panel!) and Katey Sagal will be playing Penny’s mom. Here’s our Storify of the “Inside The Big Bang Theory‘s Writers Room” panel and here’s an interview with TV Line.

Nathan Fillion was a first-time moderator in the Con Man panel (highlights). The cast talked about their upcoming second season and also announced the release of the convention simulator mobile game for August 24th. And of course, plenty of mentions of Firefly being cancelled too soon!

There was some delay, but the The Walking Dead fandom finally got their Season 7 trailer along with the announcement of the release date being October 23rd. Here’s a couple panel videos: 1, 2. We also got the Fear The Walking Dead trailer and an interview with the cast. More zombies! The iZombie panel had a lot of fun moments, like Rose McIver revealing that Liv will be eating the brain of a dominatrix next season. Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin spoke with IGN and there were also many talks about the famous love triangle.

The 100 panel (highlights) announced the promotion of Zach McGowan to series regular. They showed a recap of Season 3, and Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan got emotional talking about the importance of strong female characters like the ones in The 100. The cast was also interviewed by TV Line.

MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had perhaps one of the busiest panels of the day (highlights). The big fan announcement was one that had been rumoured for a while: Ghost Rider. They also showed a Season 4 teaser promo (moving now to 10pm) and the Season 3 gag reel. There were also plenty of interviews! Here are the ones with Clark Gregg, Jeff Bell and Jeph Loeb, Elizabeth Henstridge, Ming-Na Wen, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon, and Henry Simmons.

The Game of Thrones panel (1, 2) gave us a Season 6 blooper reel and some teases for Season 7. The Steven Universe panel was a musical one that included a band with live performances! Bones said goodbye to their fans with a very emotional and funny panel and later gave an interview with TV Line. Another show that said goodbye was Orphan Black. The panel showed a look back at Season 4, including a gag reel. Tatiana Maslany also proved why she deserves to finally get her Emmy by improvising several clones. There was also a livestream with ScreenJunkies and an interview with TV Line.

Other panels of the day included Bates Motel (with the big Rihanna casting news), Salem, Archer, Preacher, Bob’s Burgers and Scream Queens. Also, more Star Trek stuff

LIVESTREAMS: Watch Comic-Con From Home!

IGN, Marvel and The Nerd Machine continue offering livestreams from SDCC. These are the links for Friday’s livestreams:

IGN (5 hours)

MARVEL Live! (8 hours)

Nerd HQ (10 hours)
Nerd HQ was as hilarious as usual. The generosity of the audience was off the charts and Nathan Fillion was as funny and charming as usual during the auction. The rest of the Con Man cast joined the Captain later on, but the real madness didn’t come until the Stephen Amell and Friends panel, when Arthur Darvill and John Barrowman brought all the British charm… and heels! The Teen Wolf cast got emotional with plenty of advice and motivational speeches, and the Orphan Black cast brought more laughter. Finally, the Mystery Panel turned out to be the “A Conversation with Badass Women”, which is an absolute must-watch.

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