Day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con is over and the emotions and hype are already over the roof! The heat did not stop anyone from enjoying every single area of Comic-Con like the Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad experiences, and the lack of public WiFi did not stop Pokémon Goers to catch ’em all either. SDCC216 is off to a great start!

Here are the highlights from SDCC2016 Day 1, Thursday 21st. (Click on each bullet point to go straight to that section):

  1. Teen Wolf
  2. Luke Cage
  3. Star Trek
  4. Other panels
  5. Livestreams

Tears Everywhere: Teen Wolf Announces Its Last Season

It was one of the most awaited panels of the day, with fans trending #TeenWolfSeason6Trailer worldwide in anticipation. They did get their trailer, but also some sad news. Shortly after entering the panel, writer and producer Jeff Davis announced that season six would be the last season of the series. As expected, the panel got really emotional after that, especially when Tyler Posey talked about how Teen Wolf saved his life.

Watch the trailers of Sesaon 6 here:

Watch the full panel below:

Check out our Storify and these interviews from TV Line and MTV for more!

LUKE CAGE: MARVEL wins Round 1

NETFLIX’s upcoming new MARVEL series Luke Cage was, without a doubt, one of the main highlights of the day. Between the intense countdown to the panel, the presentation by Jeph Loeb, the Punisher crashing the panel, and the amount of teaser videos shown, Ballroom 20 could barely contain the hype!

“The world is ready for a bulletproof black man” – Cheo Coker

It was also officially confirmed that Luke Cage will premiere worldwide on Netflix on September 30th. Shortly after the panel ended, an official teaser was released online:

Check out our Storify for the full live-tweeting of the panel, watch this interview by TV Line to hear more form the cast and listen to Jeph Loeb words here.

The panel also brought many other Netflix/MARVEL related news:

Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years

With the worldwide premiere of Star Trek Beyond on Wednesday and the emotions of the For the Love of Spock trailer, it’s no surprise that Star Trek is considered one of the main highlights of this year’s Comic-Con. Aside from the Star trek art exhibit and the make-up collection preview, there were also different panels celebrating the 50th anniversary: “Star Trek: 50th year celebration with Roddenberry Entertainment”, “Star Trek: Where Lawyers Boldly Go” and “Star Trek: How we got to 50″.

OTHER PANELS: Mr. Robot, Scorpion

Thursday saw many other panels like Justice League Action, Wwelcome to Whedonverse, Nerdist and Geek & Sundry panels or ‘Boundary Pushers’ featuring Moffat, Fuller and Green. Oh, and many celebrities had fun with EW’s boomerang booth too!

Here’s some links for some of the TV show panels:

Scorpion: Storify | TVLine Interview | Sizzle Reel video
The Strain: Storify | Carlton Cuse Interview
Colony: Storify | Interviews: Josh Holloway & Sarah Wayne, Ryan Condal, Tory Kittles
Mr. Robot: Storify | Interviews: Grace Gummer, Christian Slater, TV Line
Dark Matter: Alex Mallari Jr & Anthony Lemke interview

Silicon Valley also had its small, but hilariously offensive panel in which there were talks about “horse semen and butt-chugging”. Yeah. There’s no video for the panel yet, but you can watch their appearance on Conan from Wednesday here. You can also watch the Comic-Con highlight reel.

LIVESTREAMS: Watch Comic-Con From Home!

IGN, Marvel and The Nerd Machine are offering livestreams from SDCC. These are the links for Thursday’s livestreams:

IGN (4 hours)

MARVEL Live! (8 hours)

Nerd HQ (9 hours)
The Nerd Machine‘s Conversations for A Cause started yesterday with panels featuring Zachary Levi, Felicia Day, Zachary Levi and Friends (or Chuck heaven) and Colony. Zach and Felicia were in charge of bringing all the fun (see quotes below) and also very interesting conversations regarding online safety, the gaming community, geek pride and pursuing your dreams.

Finally, here’s the first of many cosplay videos from SDCC 2016!

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