Seven Minutes in Hell
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Scream Queens ‘Seven Minutes in Hell’ Review: Finally Some Character Development

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WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Ironically, being placed in pretty much only one location, ‘Seven Minutes in Hell’ was much more entertaining than its predecessor, ‘Pumpkin Patch’. After all, as Grace pointed out, the Kappa house is HUGE and we even also discovered new areas. But this episode’s main strength is that it focused on its characters and relationships.

The elections to the presidency of Kappa house have been resolved with the first tie in the history of the house: Chanel and Zayday share now presidency. And Chanel isn’t too mad about it: she argues that being the president means being the main target, which is an interesting way of looking at it, especially coming from her. She later reveals to half-like Zayday and is even brave enough to save her from the Red Devil. Despite the fact that everybody seems to love Emma Robert’s Chanel when she is being a b*tchy, spoiled brat, I appreciate the moments in which we get to see her human side as well.

Seven Minutes in Hell - Scream Queens - The Daily Fandom

To celebrate the results, Zayday decides to have a slumber party. Unfortunately, they find themselves locked inside the house. At first I thought that this was very suspicious and almost seemed like it was pointing at Zayday as the killer. That is until she actually got attacked by the Red Devil. We have to remember that there’s the possibility that there might be more than one Red Devil. This means that, the one who kidnapped her because he was supposedly in love with her, and the one that attacked her in this episode might be different people, and might have different goals as well. To make everything more fun, the guys decide to join in. Even though I find them to be as hilarious as the girls, it seems like Chad is the only one who gets the spotlight. Armless Caulfield died on the floor in a very brutal way and it didn’t seem like any of his friends cared about this. Not only at the fact that their friend was being killed, but also at the brutality of the scene. Again, as I said last week, I wish the show would take itself a bit more seriously during the death scenes.

The main focus of this episode  was in the relationship between Chanel #3 and Sam. This episode gave us a lot of character development for all Chanels, but the one who got more time to shine was #3. The comments on #3 “going lesbian” annoyed me as much as those regarding Orange is the new black’s Piper. However, the show solved the issue with #3’s words at the end, implying that she might be pansexual:

“I didn’t care if she was a girl of a guy. Basically, I’m in love with love‘.

Seven Minutes in Hell - Scream Queens - The Daily Fandom

And that is even more surprising coming from a character who, in the same episode, had talked about how she has never been able to feel anything. I was not happy with Sam’s death as I felt like they could have explored her and their relationship much more and she didn’t deserve to die. However, this love story never really was about Sam, as she was more a way for #3 to help her realize the importance of telling people that you love them while you still have the chance to do so. Her conversation at the end with #5 was very touching too, and it seems like the secret conspiracy of the Chanels is going to be an on-going thing.

The Red Devil’s behaviour only confused me even more in this episode. Aside from attacking Zayday, he/she also killed Sam for apparently no reason whatsoever. Later on, he/she passed on the chance of killing #5. Is the Red Devil’s intention only to create havoc, confusion and conflict between our characters? Props to the show for making the Red Devil’s identity more mysterious as weeks go by.

‘Seven Minutes in Hell’ was a clear improvement to last week’s ‘Pumpkin Patch’. And that is because the show toned down some of the ridiculous comedy moments in favor to explore its characters and the relationships among each other. I hope the show keeps going in that direction because that’s what makes a ‘who-is-the-killer’ story interesting.