WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The title says it all. ‘Mommy Dearest’ is not only about finding the truth about Grace’s mother, but also about how everyone in this show has a horrible mother. And, for some reason, I want to believe Chanel when she says that she wants KKT to become the mother she didn’t have. Or at least I want to believe she’s trying.

Dean, who had a very important role last episode, is confirmed not to be related to the Red Devil after she was attacked by them. Due to her being so chill about killing her ex-husband and sending an innocent girl to prison, she seemed like she could be dangerous enough to be related to the Red Devil’s killings, but it doesn’t seem like it now. She also seems to be safe from them with her fighting skills! It’s only after she has been targeted that Dean willingly gives Grace some information on that baby. I was surprised that Pete wasn’t there next to Grace working on the investigation as usual but, in a way, I understand that this is a discovering that Grace had to go through on her own. Dean’s words, although it shouldn’t be like this, hold some truth: “You know why I never went into therapy? Because the less we know about ourselves, the better. (…) Sure, you might happen upon something interesting, but you’re gonna get get filthy”. And this is what this episode was about. Despite Grace finding out the truth, things didn’t turn out well with either Gigi, nor her father.

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The Chanels follow the line of investigation from the previous episode and keep working on blaming Zayday and Grace for the killings. They are so dedicated to the cause that they even offer Denise $3M in exchange for proving that Zayday is the killer. I was totally expecting Denise to team up with them since she has suspected Zayday for a while now. And it’s SO good to see Denise back (I would have as much fun watching this if it was only Denise and Chad against a serial killer). To be honest, I thought that this part of the story would be just for the laughs, as the important real stuff was on Grace’s side. However, Chanel also finds out about Grace’s mother in this episode, hence linking both stories. Chanel was very blunt when telling Grace the truth about her mother and Denise later explained this to her: no matter how much we dislike our parents, we won’t tolerate other people insulting them. She was also the one who pushed Chanel to apologize to Grace, but I still felt like her apology was, in some way, sincere. Even though I love Emma Roberts’ portrayal of these bitchy characters, it’s only when I see little glimpses of a more human Chanel that I enjoy the character the most. Chanel says she’s “a work in progress”. We’ll have to wait for that character development then, if there’s going to be any at all.

Another week in Scream Queens, another person who gets killed: candle girl is gone. She didn’t have much relevance to the story and her character wasn’t even well-developed. The show actually treated her most like a walking joke, which is pretty sad and makes me think that she was only killed off for shocking effect and because they didn’t really know what to do with the character. The “big surprise” of this episode was the return of Boone Clemens, who we knew wasn’t really dead. And it seems like he’s the one talking to Gigi about those murders. We are closer and closer to the truth.

Overall, I think Scream Queens has slightly improved in these past two. The story is no longer all over the place and we get to focus on the most important characters (probably because so many got killed). Even though we’re always going to have the ridiculous, borderline offensive jokes from some of its characters, the show seems to have gotten more serious from with the mystery of the Red Devil.