WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After a not-so bright third episode, Scream Queens regains its strength in this week’s Halloween-themed ‘Haunted House’.

Besides having the extra factor of it being Halloween and having a haunted house, this episode was also very heavy in its mythology and it did a lot to further the plot. Not only did we learn more stuff about what happened 20 years ago like the fact that the baby that was born was actually a girl (which makes Grace freak out), but we also learnt more about the recent killings: they are all dead, including Miss Bean (sorry, Channel, you really did kill her). On top of that, there’s also the rumour that there was a mourning woman in black living in the haunted house. Grace’s research suggests that she could have been raising the baby. Something that I didn’t expect is that we would get to find out who that woman is in this same episode: Gigi Caldwell.

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All plot advancements aside, ‘Haunted House’ also did a lot to develop its charactersDean didn’t have a lot of time to shine in this episode, but it was revealed that she was the one who wanted to cover the murder of the girl in the bathtub, supposedly to protect the kappa girls (got some weird How to Get Away with Murder vibes from that scene). Zayday starts to run for president of Kappa to take down Chanel. Denise keeps suspecting her, though. However, we find out that Denise sneaked into the KKT party 20 years ago and so Zayday thinks that she might be jealous that she gets to be in KKT and even run for president as a woman of colour. Which makes me wonder: shouldn’t Denise be rooting for her? Also, nice touch with Zayday’s ‘Yes, I can’ pumpkin, a possible reference to Obama? Sadly, Zayday has now been kidnapped by the Red Devil (don’t want to say ‘killed’ just yet). This makes all fingers point at Chanel, if only as an accomplice. Very important episode for Hester too, who not only got to have her transformation as a minion and later be protected by and referenced as ‘sister’ by Chanel, but who has also learned her own moves. She is now going after Chad, saying that she’s also into creepy necrophilia stuff. Whether she truly means it and has the hots for Chad or whether it’s just some sort of evil plan to surpass Chanel, we still don’t know. Regardless of that, I’m expecting a lot from this new-found relationship.

haunted house - scream queens - the daily fandom

The highlight of the episode was definitely the Chanels’ take on misogyny. I wouldn’t think that I would ever agree with anything Chanel ever said but, this time, I truly did. Everything from the not wanting to die hungry to repeating what she had learned in class about objectifying women was superb, especially coming from her. Between this scene and the parody of Taylor Swift’s gift giving, Emma Roberts easily owns the two best scenes of the episode.

Because of the more dense nature of this episode, I didn’t find ‘Haunted House’ as funny as the previous episodes as it was more focused on developing the plot and its characters. Even though sometimes I feel like the show limits itself on keeping on repeating the same formula when it comes to its characters’ behaviours, Scream Queens manages to keep me interested in the story with its twists, one-liners and, of course, the wonderful Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.