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Scream Queens ‘Ghost Stories’ Review: Deaths Start Becoming Relevant

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Ghost stories, last night at KKT and someone supposedly returning from the dead, this week’s Scream Queens had all the ingredients to make a proper scary episode. And it did not disappoint.

Just like we saw in the end of last week’s episode, Boone is back. Zayday and Grace are the only ones to see that he faked his own death, though, as the others would rather believe that he’s a ghost. Having Boone back was refreshing, even though they did take away our only gay character (besides #3’s bisexuality). Boone only made the Chanels’ last night at KKT even scarier but, fortunately, Dennise is there to… make them less scared by telling ghost stories? This is why I love her, and also why, for the first time watching this series, I felt really anxious and scared when seeing a character fight with the Red Devil. Thankfully, Denise was able to survive. The one who didn’t get to survive was Earl, Zayday’s boyfriend. Boone is revealed to be one of the Red Devils (in case someone was still not sure about that). Now the other mysteries remaining are who is the other Red Devil, and what does Gigi have to do with them. We could still deduce some things out of Chanel #5’s experience, which basically recreated Hester’s horror story, as it seems to prove that one of the girls who were in that room is the other Red Devil. #3 is discarded because she was surprised to see Boone as a ghost when they were alone. Denise is also discarded because she was attacked this episode. That would only leave us with Chanel and Hester. But then again, this show just loves misleading us.

Speaking of Hester, she played a key part in Chanel and Chad’s weekly drama when she revealed that she was pregnant. I’m glad that this was a lie, since having a pregnancy in a love triangle is something that we have already seen countless times. That still did not stop Chanel from actually killing her. And this was a death that I really didn’t want to happen, at least not yet. Hester’s quick and easy transformation into a Chanel was something that always felt hard to believe to me, so I always thought that she had a secret agenda. And she did, but just when she was taking the reins of the situation, she’s killed. So what was that all about?

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Even though the Chanels, Chad, Hester and Denise took the majority of the spotlight in ‘Ghost Stories’, the information that Dean gave to Zayday and Grace was much more relevant to the plot: apparently, there were 2 babies, twins (a boy and a girl), and they were both raised by Gigi. This leads us to the final scene with Boone, Gigi and… a Red Devil. We can assume that the Red Devil is, indeed, female and Boone’s twin sister. This is the thing, though: is there any girl in the cast that actually looks like she could be Boone’s twin? At the very least, I’m guessing that they’re not identical twins. When it seemed like the two twins had turned against Gigi, the female Red Devil kills Boone (for real this time?). So yeah, there’s still a lot of things that we don’t know. After all, this season is far from over.

‘Ghost Stories’ finally made me worry about some of the characters getting killed. However, I can’t help but feeling that many of the character that have been killed so far where only introduced to be random deaths without much impact or relevance on the plot (Sam, Earl, armless guy…). As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think that this show would have worked much better with less episodes and, therefore, less filler. On a side-note, after the two-part Halloween special, and now a Thanksgiving episode, we can assume that we will get Christmas-themed episodes as well. I wonder how that would work in this show, though!

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