Scream Queens ‘Chainsaw’ Review: Suspects Everywhere


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After that glorious two-hour premiere, the third episode of Scream Queens, ‘Chainsaw’, slows things down a little bit. There is more red devil, suspects, funny quotes and plenty of chainsaw action.

Next to the question of who the Red Devil is (or are), we also have the mystery of who is stealing the bodies and why. Even though Chanel wanted to cover up Chanel #2’s death, Grace and Zayday still managed to find out what happened to her with the help of Denise. However, Grace and Zayday still believe that she is alive since she’s still posting pictures on Instagram, which triggers a trip to Bel Air to meet Chanel #2’s parents… who link her to Chad. Grace and Pete are back working together after Grace apologizes for believing he was the murderer. This time, she is suspecting Chad. And poor Grace is going to have to do something about that overprotective father.

Chad is upset over Boone’s death (although we know from last episode’s cliffhanger that he’s actually alive). Chad is somehow smart enough to deduce that it wasn’t suicide because no one would kill themselves by slicing their throats. The scene of Chad and his boys going against the Red Devil with white suits and bats on their hands while Backstreet Boys’ Everybody in the background was easily the highlight of the episode. (Am I the only one who was reminded of Clockwork Orange?).

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The purpose of this episode was to further the fear of the Red Devil and present the possibility of there being two or even more potential serial killers. The ‘more than one killer’ suspicion gives way to many more possibilities and guessing games, especially since we have such a long list of characters with complex relationships. It seems like the main suspect after this episode is going to be Dean. Although I don’t think it’s going to last very long since the suspects keep switching every episode.

On a side-note, does anyone know what was the purpose of introducing and killing the new mascot, Connie? Just to add another mysterious death without having to get rid of any of the main characters?

Other than that, Scream Queens continues the horror-comedy that was expected from the series. There are plenty of pop cultural references, including name droppings from Blue is the warmest color to How to get away with murder. ‘Chainsaw’ was slower and slightly boring compared to the premiere but I guess the show is just taking its sweet time so we can get to understand more the characters and their potential motives.


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Um Hester??? How can a review not include that character development?