After last week’s Thanksgiving-themed episode, it’s now time for a Black Friday installment. Except not really, because the consumerism talk and the potentially thrilling mall scenes quickly died off to give room to Dean Munsch’s Michael Myers syndrome.

Despite the big “Gigi’s head on a platter” cliffhanger, not much about her death was mentioned. Wes didn’t seem too affected by it (I believe seeing your girlfriend beheaded would traumatize you for life), but then again, Scream Queens isn’t that type of show. And, if it was, characters would be already too traumatized to even function anymore anyway and the story just wouldn’t work. So moving past Gigi’s death, ‘Black Friday’ chooses to focus on the Chanels attempting to kill Dean Munsch on one side, and on Pete’s super suspicious behaviour on the other.

Sadly, Chanel’s interesting words on Black Friday and consumerism, as well as the “locked inside the mall with the Red Devil” scenario didn’t last long. And it’s a shame because it had so much potential. Chanel getting shot didn’t make much sense and it’s clear that it was only added for shocking effect. After all, it is hard to believe that she would be so lucky not to die from that, and her injury didn’t last much either. I believe that they wanted to use this idea but didn’t have much time so they rushed everything instead. Despite of that, Denise’s inner joke on how characters decide to have a conversation instead of shooting at each other in these type of situations was still hilarious.

Moving quickly from that, the Chanels are super convinced that Dean Munsch is the killer and they’re not going to stop until she’s dead (We know that Dean is indeed a killer, but not the killer). Grace actually agrees with Chanel and teams up with them to poison Munsch, something that I found very strange. As invested as Grace is in stopping these murders, I don’t believe it would be so easy for her to just kill someone without having definite proof. That’s when Ryan Murphy decided to add the joke of Dean Munsch not being able to die… apparently, for no reason at all (unless they give us some crazy explanation in the following episode(s)).

However, it’s at this point, and with the addition of the police force not giving a crap about all these murders, that one has to wonder: is the show sacrificing logic in order to add comedy? It’s clear that Scream Queen‘s story couldn’t happen in real life, even though it seemed like it could in its first episodes. However, I still feel like some sort of reality check is necessary if they really want us to actually care about these characters.

On the other hand, while everyone was pointing fingers at Dean Munschs, the show insists that we focus all our attention on Pete. The revelation that he was a killer wasn’t a surprise at all. We already had our suspicions and it’s not like this episode was very subtle in his interactions with Grace either. And I do wonder why he was so cool about having sex with Grace before, but then he suddenly didn’t want to by the end. At least, he seems to feel bad about being a killer. The only thing I’m interested in at this point is seeing Grace’s reaction.

We’re finally approaching the big finale. Despite ‘Black Friday”s flaws, it has to be said that Scream Queens has improved a lot since it narrowed everything down to the main characters. We’re at a point in which we can actually get attached to the characters and fear for their lives. But then again, this show doesn’t really take itself very seriously. The remaining episodes will be the moment of truth for Ryan Murphy: will Scream Queens be able to balance the suspense and comedy?