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Scream Queens ‘Beware of Young Girls’ Review: Everyone is Cool with Murder

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Scream Queens is back from last week’s break with ‘Beware of Young Girls’. The mini-Halloween arc is over and now it’s time to focus on Dean Munsch’s backstory and Chanel #2’s awaited ‘return’ from the grave.

The episode opens up with the scene of the funeral of Chanel #2 and, to be honest, this scene only served to show how much Chanel hated #2 and how insensitive the characters are towards someone’s death. Also, why is this funeral so late?. We were indeed promised that Ariana Grande would be back, and even though she only appeared in one scene during Chanel’s dream, her character was very present throughout the episode. Using a ouija board once again, the Chanels take the opportunity to ask #2 some questions, from Chad’s fidelity to who is committing all the murders. Chanel #2 takes the chance and lies about the Red Devil being Chanel, which makes the rest of the Chanels decide to murder her. Am I the only who’s surprised at how chill the majority of the characters are about killing someone? Is being a psychopath a requirement to join KKT?. Thankfully, after hearing #2’s apology, Chanel tells the others that the ones they should be going against are Grace and Zayday. After all, because it was only after they showed up that people started getting murdered. We’ll see how they plan on pinning all the murders on them.

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We are introduced a new character: Feather (Tavi Gevinson). Feather was a former student who had an affair with Dean Munsch’s husband, something that caused them to divorce. After the ex-husband appears dead, the suspicions of Dean being the main suspect are reinforced. She is arrested and locked in a mental hospital (hello AHS: Asylum). However, just like it happened with Chanel, Dean is quickly released after she is able to frame Feather for the murder. Dean Munsch has been one of the main suspects for a while now and, in this episode, she actually confesses killing her husband through inner dialogue. This still doesn’t prove that she’s related to the Red Devil and the other killings, though. And if she isn’t, I wonder how Feather relates to the main plot now that she has been locked up.

On the other hand, Gigi gets creepier by the week as we see her talking on the phone with someone else about the murders, and it seems like it was plural too (“you guys”). We are slowly getting closer to the truth but there’s still a long way to go. Overall, ‘Beware of Young Girls’ felt more calm and slow-paced than usual. To me, the most relevant thing about this episode is that we got to find out that there’s elements of supernatural in this show as we saw dead Chanel #2 speaking to Chanel about Hell and talking through the Ouija board. My question now is: why doesn’t someone like Sam, who actually knew the killer, appear in someone else’s dream to confess the Red Devil’s identity?

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