The Wild Cosmos

Exclusive Preview: Scout Presents… The Sci-Fi Original THE WILD COSMOS (2019)

Scout Comics is releasing a new feature on the stands in 2019. Written and featured artwork by Curtis Clow; line artwork by Mauro ManDalari; future linework by Guillermo Fajardo; and artwork and coloring by Harrison Yinfaowei. THE WILD COSMOS is a comic that takes place in the future where humanity flies through the stars. Humanity also inhabits multiple worlds scattered among the ever-expanding universe.


The story follows Cooper, the captain of a group of smugglers. After Cooper leads his crew down the wrong path, he must now make a trade with bloodthirsty pirates in order to rescue what could be his last surviving mate. Zara, the mysterious girl, has to be captured; however, she is determined to get revenge on the people who destroyed her life. Zara’s formidable reputation is known throughout the galaxy and Cooper must cross a series of dangerous adventures to capture the infamous Zara and save his mate’s life. The president of Scout, James Haick, says:

THE WILD COSMOS is an action-packed space adventure that will have comic book fans completely hooked. We love the talent, creativity and complete uniqueness of the series and truly believe our Scout ‘Mavericks’ will be more than happy with this new series.

As of right now, we don’t know a release date for THE WILD COSMOS, but as soon as we know you guys will know. We cannot wait to see what Scout releases with THE WILD COSMOS.

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