Undead Burrito Productions and Millennium Hand have joined efforts to produce Relativity, a science fiction, thriller web miniseries by Chris Cherry.

After receiving a strange package in the mail, “Relativity” follows college student Erin Barclay as she unexpectedly finds herself hosting two strangers, artist Perry and grad student Candace. They are quickly placed in a life or death situation as the object in the package unsticks them from time, causing them to to experience time jumps, but not in the same order. The series is structured so that the same ten episodes can be viewed in three different orders, each order following one character’s subjective experience of events, all the while raising questions about fate and mortality. But, you know, in a fun way.

Relativity is created, written, directed and produced by Chris Cherry (BrainsThe Joke). Joining him on the creative team are ​Andrew Williams (director of photography, blocking director, editor, and executive producer), and ​Bri Castellini​​ (executive producer, assistant director, script supervisor, and sound mixer). As per the cast, Dana Shiree​​ (I’d Kill For You) stars as ErinMichelle Agresti​​ (Wolf359) stars as Candace, “a graduate student who wishes to study the strange package Erin received”, and ​Jon Esquivel​​ (Murder Made Me Famous) plays Perry, “an aspiring artist who arrives on the scene under false pretenses”.

The series is slated for YouTube release on December 12th, 2016 and a full trailer will be released on December 5th. For now, you can check out the first teaser trailer down below:

While this is the first production by Millennium Hand, Undead Burrito Productions’ other web series, Brains, is only three episodes and three minisodes away from the season 2 finale. Catch up now!

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