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Sam and Pat Are Depressed by Undead Burrito Productions!


Sam and Pat are Depressed is a new web series coming at cha’ by the and our wonderful own Bri Castellini (yes, the same Bri from Brains!) Sam and Pat Are Depressed has released a new trailer this week. The Daily Fandom had to talk about how wonderful this web series will be.

“The Synopsis”

Sam and Pat Are Depressed is exactly what you think it’s about by the title; however, depressed roommates Sam (Bri) and Pat (Chris Cherry) use comedy to mask the awkwardness of their individual therapy experiences.

Pat worries about depressing his therapist (like we all do) and then gets himself put on suicide watch because of poorly-timed nihilistic humor. Sam, on the other hand, thinks way too much about how long it takes her to introduce herself to new therapists. Sam often wonders if she is being rude to them (don’t we all?)

Watch The Trailer Below!

What intrigues us most about the web series is the realistic nature of the series. This is a real issue; therapy and depression are real and mental health is such an important topic to talk about and focus on. This web series already has our eyes peeled for the premiere.

“Sam and Pat brings together Castellini, Cherry, and Williams in their fourth completed film project. They’re joined by Brandon Smalls as director of photography and Michele Austin as assistant director, both of whom collaborated with them on Brains season 2 and the short film Ace and Anxious. Also joining is Rebecca McDonald as head of wardrobe, who collaborated on both seasons of Brains. Masha Danilenko (“Greta,” Brains) joins the cast for one episode as a special guest star.”


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