The Kickstarter for the Original Saiyuki Artbook & Manga Anthology is taking the majesty of a classic Eastern literature to create a more modern idea of this storyline. It also is meant to honor the manga artist Minekura Kazuya who created a manga based on the Saiyuki novel.

The Saiyuki creation from Otakatz’s Kickstarter will include a manga (Japanese style comic) and artbook for the manga to all Kickstarter supporters. The story involves four male characters journeying together in order to reach a specific shared goal: the salvation of the characters’ demon souls. The genre of the manga is categorized as BL (boy’s love), a popular category that caters to a female audience.

Original Saiyuki Artbook & Manga Anthology

The Kickstarter has different tiers of rewards, which come with rewards such as the manga, artbook, trading cards, pin sets, and a pin bag depending on the tier you donate on. All of these items are displayed in high quality and will be created by a team of artists known for their online art.

The Kickstarter creators, Otakatz are hoping to create a platform for artists to create and sell their art to a larger online community. RIght now their content is more Japanese and Korean based, but they would like to spread their projects to a Western audience as well. A full description of the project is available on their Kickstarter page.

There are only five days left, in the Kickstarter campaign! If you want to back this project head here!