Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2 Gets Kraken


Witchy adventures at Greendale High continue in Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2! After moving to a new town, Sabrina found herself in hot water with mean girl Radka, and maybe even hotter water with Radka’s brother Ren. Of course, it’s never that easy for Sabrina Spellman. It figures her crush would turn out to be one half of a shapeshifting monster along with his bratty sister. What’s a girl to do?

Back At It Again In Greendale In Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2

When we last left Sabrina in Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1, she was in a bit of a pickle. With two gorgeous kids from her new school passed out in front of her, things probably couldn’t get much worse. Or so you would think.

yeah, thats a kraken in Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2
Credit: Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Jack Morelli, & Archie Comics

Before you can even say bippity boppity boo, Sabrina finds herself in hot water yet again when a kraken bursts from the ground. She’s able to drive it away with a spell that blinds it to herself and her friends. By the time everyone comes in, Radka and Sabrina have to convince Jessa the mortal and Ren the gorgeous idiot that the whole thing was a hallucination. The two seem to buy it, and Sabrina has a tenuous trust with Radka.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2 continues with magic advice from aunts Hilda and Zelda, an awkward witchy encounter with secondary love interest Harvey, and a wicked revelation! Tiny science geek Allen reacts to Radka’s screeching bullying as if she’s sprouted a second head, almost as if he can’t see her at all. Hm! Sabrina singles Allen out as the kraken and follows him into the boiler room. There, he transforms again, but not into a kraken. Allen becomes a massive feathered serpent, hissing about how Allen “issssss gone.”

Thompson Makes Magic In Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2

Kelly Thompson returns for the second issue of this mini-series, with her usual tongue in cheek style of humor. She digs the mystery hole she broke ground on even further with the revelation that Ren doesn’t know anything about his transformation. And with Allen’s shapeshifting, it would seem there’s some sort of issue with bodily changes amongst the teens of Greendale. Well, more bodily changes than you’d expect from high schoolers.
Credit: Veronica Fish

With this issue, Thompson gets to play with the actual magic system of the world of Sabrina. Hilda and Zelda took Sabrina to their study, a hidden paradise of both new and old magic. They seem to dabble in both traditional magic through the use of herbs as well as classic cauldron-and-broomstick witchery. Thompson carries this mix of superstition and reality through Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2, with Sabrina packing sprigs of lilac and basil for protection.

Sabrina’s innocent enthusiasm for her normal school life is downright charming, especially when juxtaposed next to the mounting danger of her situation. Thompson writes Sabrina Spellman as a brave and down to earth heroine à la Buffy. She’s cool without even trying, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Thompson’s take on the classic character was brought to the page by veteran letterer Jack Morelli with quiet confidence.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2
Credit: Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Jack Morelli, & Archie Coimcs

Fishy Business

Veronica Fish and her partner in crime Andy Fish return to spread their brand of cartooning brilliance. While the whole series has been lovely so far, the most striking scenes are the colorful nighttime moments. The Fishes fill the night with lovely blues and purples, punctuated by the bright reds and pinks of Sabrina’s magic. The color story in these scenes is also much stronger, as the color scheme in daytime and school scenes tends to lack cohesion. The issue rights itself towards the end though, as Veronica seems to settle on specific palettes for specific locations.

The school, for example, lives in a world of blues and greens. Veronica and Andy’s page layouts are solid, with varying angles and legible panel composition.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2
Credit: Veronica Fish, Andy FIsh, Jack Morelli, & Archie Comics

I Put A Spell On You…

Thompson’s take on Sabrina and Greendale is a delight, with the team at Archie Comics working hard to make this series something fun. While the genre won’t be changing any time soon, it’s a fun read for anyone looking for something a little lighter after finishing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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