Roundtable: What Will Happen In ‘The Final Season’ Of Game Of Thrones? #ForTheThrone – Part 3

Game of Thrones

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HBO’s Game of Thrones season 8 (see: The Final Season, For The Throne) is happening soon. In light (or dark) of the final season, The Daily Fandom has a roundtable discussion about what could possibly happen April 14th, when it premieres on HBO. Who will be on the throne? What death tore you apart throughout all 7 seasons thus far? Why can’t you get over it? Who has grown the most? These and more will be answered and discussed in the roundtable. We are not ready for the final season, but we tried our best to speculate on what could possibly happen as we ended the series with one last farewell to Westeros.

Can We Deal With The Elephant In The Room? (Question 5)

@skortenber: How is Jon and Daenerys going to react when they learn they are related; will they care or not (since this is Game of Thrones)?

How Will Jon React To His ‘Relationship’ With His Potential Family Member In Game of Thrones?

Colleen: I think this is going to be one of the biggest plot points this season. I think they’ll have wildly different reactions. Jon Snow may be Aegon Targaryen, but he is far more a Stark. He believes in honor and doing the right thing. He has always tried to live up to Ned Stark’s example. I think he’ll remain appalled at the idea that he slept with his own aunt. We also know that he is horrified at the thought of creating a bastard child.

So if, as most people assume, Daenerys is pregnant, I think Jon is going to be torn. He has a responsibility to the child, but he cannot face what he has done. I think this is going to be the biggest test for Jon Snow yet. Daenerys might have a completely different reaction, as the Targaryens are not unaccustomed to incest. I don’t think she’ll see it as a great crime. I think it’s more likely that she’ll see Jon as a competition.

Shareca: Oh, they are going to care [the viewers]. As far as Jon and Daenerys, who knows? I mean, I feel like they won’t mind since it is Game of Thrones. Jon is ‘technically’ a stark and not a Snow. He considers himself to be a Stark, anyway. The bloodline remains blurred with him. Will Daenerys care? I assume not on that as well. I don’t know — this is Game of Thrones! Does anyone care?

Game of Thrones
Cersei & Jamie Lannister | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Will Jon Being On The Throne Be An Issue For Daenerys?

Kyle: Daenerys’ entire family is known to be incestuous, so her reaction to the sex part will be indifference. Jon, I suspect, will question his feelings for Daenerys as a result. But them sleeping together, probably won’t be the major factor in what happens after they find out they are related. What is the big deal is that not only are they related, but that Jon is the true heir? He is now in Daenerys’ way. As stated above, I hope this leads to testing and ultimately fracturing of their alliance. As in my opinion, Jon will be elevated in Daenerys’ eyes from a small annoyance that she has begun to develop feelings for her direct competitor.

Game of Thrones
Tyrion Lannister | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Sayge: Jon (for the sake of the audience) will probably care a lot. He is a good guy who does everything right. If Jon is fine with incest it will put a bad taste in the audience’s mouth. Just the way he was brought up as a bastard, I do not think he wants to also be in an incest relationship. Daenerys will probably think Jon is over exaggerating when he does get upset. Daenerys is used to incest because of her family, so it will not be a big deal for her.

Will Their Reactions Be Completely Different?

Shareca’s Response to Sayge: Jon seems to be the one out of the two that will care I think. For the sake of the show and the viewer, I think Jon will have to care – then Daenerys will think about the throne side of things. Jon – at times – seems like he could care less about the throne if he had his family and love by his side. What is the throne if you are alone? I feel like sometimes that is his mentality. Daenerys – on the other hand – has already lost everything, so she doesn’t give a damn about that. That’s the difference I feel with them and this topic in the upcoming final season.

Sayge’s Response to Shareca: Yes, Jon has to care. The audience will not like it if they are ok in this incest relationship. Besides all the evil things Cerci and Jamie did and still do one of the reasons you instantly do not like them is because of the incest in my opinion. You are right about Daenerys. She wants the throne with or without somebody by her side. She has worked too hard to let it go now. I don’t think Jon wants the throne at all. He would be satisfied with running Winterfell or just being around the ones he loves and that is completely fine. I hope at the end of the series Jon finds happiness. I think he thinks he wants the throne, but in the end, I think he just wants to save people from the white walkers.

Has Sansa & Jamie Grown Since Season 1? (Question 6)

@skortenber: How much have characters changed over the course of the show like Sansa and Jamie? It seems Sansa is getting darker and thinking she is more deserving of Winterfell while Jamie is becoming, in a sense, nicer and evolving into a good/redeemable character.

Can Jamie Be Redeemed?

Colleen: Jamie Lannister is not becoming nice so much as he is remembering that honor is a thing and that he has squandered so much of it. We see hints in the earlier seasons that Jamie once believed in honor, especially when it comes to his title as Kingslayer. He regrets that he broke his oath, but believes it was the right thing to save so many people. I think, in his guilt, he turned away from honor completely.

Game of Thrones
Cersei & Tyrion Lannister | HBO, Game of Thrones.

There’s a lot of talk in the earlier seasons about how Jamie puts on a front, to convince the world he doesn’t care when he really does care deeply. Now that he is seeing the depths to which he and his family have sunk, combined with his disability and the need to reevaluate himself, he remembers that he can be a better person and wants to do that. But redeemable? He raped his sister on their son’s deathbed.

Or Can Sansa Be Redeemed?

Now, Sansa. Hoo boy Sansa. Gotta be honest, Sansa remains the only reason I started watching Game of Thrones. I avoided it for years, not wanting the death and destruction and brutality. But I frequently read analyses of the show, and one thing caught my eye: Sansa Stark. Sansa remained horribly treated by the show, brutalized over and over, with no end in sight. She has been brought to the lowest depths. And did she break? No. She overcame. It was reading about what Sansa did in season seven, particularly her revenge on Littlefinger, that finally drew me to watch the show.

Game of Thrones
“The Throne” | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Maybe I didn’t get the normal experience since I started watching knowing she’d get better, rather than initially disliking her as most did. But Sansa Stark to me is the most inspiring character on this show. And I don’t think she’s necessarily getting darker or more ambitious in a nefarious way. I think she’s gotten harder. She lost all her innocence. But she’s not cruel or grasping; we see her doing a better job than most taking care of her people at Winterfell. I truly think she is more deserving — she has both the skills and the right to a lot more than she’s gotten. And I want to see her succeed.

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel”


While Jamie & Sansa Have Grown, So Has Arya Stark In Game of Thrones

Shareca: I have so much to say about Sansa, but I won’t because Collen loooooves her. I will come back to this question (lol).

Colleen’s Response to Shareca: Feel free to express yourself but know I have a whole lot to say.

Kyle: Character development is the most important aspect of writing. All the characters of Game of Thrones remain well drawn, immediately engaging, and have grown immensely. Jamie’s growth is the most interesting to me, but I’m a sucker for a good redemption arc. Especially if the character starts out as a complete asshole and by the end you love them to death. If you have read my The Question Retrospective series, you know that my favourite character in all of fiction is like this.

Game of Thrones
Isn’t Jon Snow lovely? | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Sansa, being personally trained by Littlefinger, is definitely becoming darker. But she does have a heart, I suspect that those two aspects of her personality will war against each other this season. While she is enjoyable, I do have to side with Shareca on this, Sansa is just alright in my opinion. I can see why people would like her, but she hasn’t made a huge impression on me. I think this may come down to the fact that I’ve never been a fan of Sophie Turner’s acting. And I hate to be harsh, but that’s just my opinion on it.

I think the character that has grown the most though is Arya. She went from a plucky young girl who didn’t fit in to an assassin pretty spectacularly. Her evolution has been fascinating to watch. The way that everything has been taken from her, her beliefs questioned, her overconfidence and recklessness leading to more problems, she still got up despite it all. She became something new, not just anyone, but a new Arya Stark.

Sansa’s Growth In Game of Thrones Is Important

Shareca: While I am not a huge fan of Sansa, I do believe that she has grown immensely between the first and final season, or the season prior to the final rather. In a way, she has gotten darker – I think she’s gotten ‘exhausted.’

After season 7, you can tell she is getting darker but exhausted. Arya is in the same boat as well. They both look exhausted, after finding Bran it was kind of like:

“Can we have a break now?”

But, I do believe Sansa remains not as bothersome as she used to be and that is character development for me (haha). I believe that she has been through a lot, all of the Starks have, even Jamie. You have no choice but to grow as quickly as possible. As mentioned by Sayge on a previous question, Jon has too much heart – he doesn’t know how to be a badass like Arya. Sansa, on the other hand, has too much ‘fake dark,’ she wants to appear to be this high and mighty leader, but, at the end of the day, she is similar to Jon.

She has a lot of heart, as Kyle stated before. It will be an issue like it has been for Jon throughout the last seven seasons. You can’t be a leader and have a heart, that is the reality of Game of Thrones. Arya has a heart, but she can kill someone and have no remorse and have a good night’s sleep, easy.

Game of Thrones
The Infamous “Night King” | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Sayge: I agree with all of you guys. Sansa has come a long way and has been through a lot like every Stark. They are tired and want to have their home and family back. Sansa had reality slapped in the face. The first season she was on her high horse because she was marrying Joffrey and that was a big deal. That is when things started to go wrong in her life, she basically lost her whole family in one season.

She was seen as this fragile girl having made all the decisions for her. Now she is a strong woman, nobody can tell her what to do now she is stronger and I think that is amazing. She did not become darker and she became stronger. Jamie, on the other hand, I think sees everything he has done wrong and he is trying to make up for it. He is getting a redemption arc and he is becoming his own man. He was always under his father and Cersei’s rule now he is breaking off and trying to do good. Will that make up for all the wrong he has done? It is up to the individual viewer.

Colleen: I know the question mentioned Sansa and Jaime, who have definitely changed a lot, but can we talk about Bran real quick? What the hell happened to Bran? Obviously we know: he was the victim of several assassination attempts, started having strange visions, went north of the wall, lost everyone with him (rather contributed to their deaths, actually). But damn has Bran changed a lot since the first episode.

As I’m rewatching it strikes me how sweet Bran was at first. He was good, clearly the son of Ned Stark. But now he doesn’t even seem human anymore. It’s causing some major cognitive dissonance, I gotta say. Out of all the characters, he definitely changed the most.

Kyle’s Response to Colleen: I agree a lot with that. Bran can now see the future, the past, the present, and all its infinite possibilities. Imagine what that does to someone’s psyche, especially to someone as young as him? He’s losing touch with humanity, he’s now above them in a way, a new kind of life. Very Doctor Manhattan, especially in the context of his powers. The actor does a brilliant job portraying this too.

Who Do You Want To See On The Game of Thrones Throne?

If you want more of the roundtable discussion, check out questions 3 & 4 and 5 & 6. We had a lot to say about everything Game of Thrones. The season premieres tonight, April 14th on HBO. Tune in and let us know how you enjoyed the first and last episode of Game of Thrones.

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