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HBO’s Game of Thrones season 8 (see: The Final Season, For The Throne) is happening soon. In light (or dark) of the final season, The Daily Fandom has a roundtable discussion about what could possibly happen April 14th, when it premieres on HBO. Who will be on the throne? What death tore you apart throughout all 7 seasons thus far? Why can’t you get over it? Who has grown the most? These and more will be answered and discussed in the roundtable. We are not ready for the final season, but we tried our best to speculate on what could possibly happen as we ended the series with one last farewell to Westeros.

Who Will Be On The Iron Throne (For The Throne) Come The Final Season? (Question 3)

@colleenetman & @sharecacole: Who do we think (or who do we want) to be on the Iron Throne at the end of the season? And, why? What led to your decision to make them the person to sit on the throne? What stands out as their character arcs? And what makes them deserving of it?

…Are You Team Sansa?

Colleen: TEAM SANSA, all the way. I don’t actually see Sansa on the Iron Throne. I’m not sure if the Iron Throne or the Seven Kingdoms will exist any longer. But Sansa has been through so much throughout the show and has shown so much growth. If you contrast the spoiled, self-centered teenager she was in season one with the political powerhouse she became in season seven, it’s astonishing. But she didn’t just fall into that power; she had to scramble and fight for every scrap, even just the power over her own personhood. That’s incredibly amazing to me. And I think she’d be a good leader. She has all the shrewd political know-how of Cersei, but with the honor and love of the people of the Starks. She would do a better job leading than either Cersei or Jon because she has the best of each.

For The Throne
Sansa Stark & Ramsay Bolton | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Shareca’s Response To Colleen: God, I hate Sansa, lol. If it’s Cersei, I would RIOT.

Colleen’s Response to Shareca: You are my friend and my boss but I will fight you.

Shareca: However, I don’t see Snow on it. I do see a Stark. Arya, perhaps? She’s the strongest of the Stark’s, and honestly, could hold her own if need be. Sansa is a bit too… whiny? She spends too much time having people do her dirty work for her, she’s not as strong as Arya or Jon or Bran, even. I guess I could say Tyrion also has a fighting chance?

…Or Do You Want To See Cersei On The Throne?

Kyle: So, I have three answers. The first one is something I would like to see, as it’s the perfect inversion of what the audience expects. And considering Game of Thrones was designed to be a deconstruction of fantasy tropes, it would be perfect. Cersei gets the throne. But here’s the catch, the final shot is the horde of White Walkers descending upon King’s Landing as Cersei takes a drink, hands shaking, for the first time in a long while, she feels fear. No one truly gets the throne, as the world is consumed, and they are all born again as thoughtless zombies who are only one of millions.

For The Throne
Cersei Lannister | HBO, Game of Thrones

As I said before, Cersei becomes the queen of the ashes. Another great ending that is far more optimistic is that no one gets the throne because they abolish the feudal system of the world. The alliance between Jon and Daenerys brings a new world and with it a renewed hope. At last, the game of thrones is over, families, titles, it’s all but words on a page. Now it’s time to turn the page and write a new chapter.

What I suspect will be the case is this: Jon gets the throne and hates it, but he is a fair and just king. Game of Thrones started as a deconstruction of the fantasy genre and has slowly evolved into becoming the standard fantasy you expect to see. There is nothing wrong with this, but it’s different than its initial mission statement. To me, Jon’s entire story screams “Chosen One.”

…Or Team Arya?

Sayge: I personally think Arya deserves to get the throne. She has survived the whole show basically on her own. She also has a unique background training experience with the Many Faces. Arya is strong, unique and fair but will do the things that need to be done. But if we are talking about who should get the throne because of blood, that is Jon. Jon is a good leader, but he is to lawful good he always does what is right. That is good, in a sense, but when you have to get your hands dirty as a king goes sometimes I do not think he can do it.

For The Throne
Arya Stark | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Shareca’s Response to Sayge: That was such a good answer, Sayge. I agree with you there, Jon is a sweetheart, but too much of a sweetheart. He doesn’t have the sweetheart-that-can-slit-your-throat-mentality like Arya. Arya can make you think she is on your side one day and then slit your throat the next. You never quite know which one, and I love that so much about her.

Sayge’s Response to Shareca: Arya is unpredictable and you never know what she is going to do. You are right about Jon, he is a sweetheart and has the honor mentality. Having an honor will get you killed, which Jon has already experienced.

Colleen’s Response to Shareca and Sayge: Arya may have the right disposition, but honestly I cannot see her rule. She would hate it. That’s not what she wants. She’s an assassin, not a leader. She lives in secrets and shadows. It wouldn’t be a good end for her. What I can see is a variation on a theory I’ve seen: Jon and Daenerys both die, but their child lives and takes the Iron Throne. Sansa and/or Tyrion rule as regent for the child until they come of age. I think Arya would make a marvelous hand of the king/queen or leader of the guard. That’s far more to her tastes.

Does Arya Know Death Personally? (Question 4)

@sharecacole: What do you think Arya (Stark) means (in the trailer) when she says:

“I know death, it’s got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one.”

What metaphor do you think Arya means when she says death? Does she many Little Finger and the various encounters she has had with people out to harm her? Or does she mean a form of death in a person – a sense of evil in their soul? How do you think Arya’s fate will end in “The Final Season?” Do you think she will survive or meet her demise from one of these “death faces?”

Can Arya Mean Her Own Death?

Colleen: I think the face of death Arya means is her death. I think before this point, death has been rather more of an abstract. She learned about the God of Death from Syrio and then trained in Braavos, so she has a different conception of death than most Westerosi. And while death has taken a lot from her (particularly Ned, who she had to watch die), it’s been distant. Arya has been more of an instrument of death than a victim. But now I think she’s going to come face to face with her own death (or even the death of the whole world). And, in true Arya form, she’s up to the challenge. She will not run from Death; she will say “Not Today.”

Shareca’s response to Colleen: I love that so much – this response is everything.

Shareca: I kind of saw it the same way – either as a foreshadow to death or that she has faced death too many times to count, so what should it matter if she sees it again? It’s not like it’s anything new for her, so she is going to face the other face that it has as a final showdown. Regardless, Arya has faced death and will continue to do so if she survives. It is just a part of her life.

For The Throne
Arya Stark | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Kyle: To be honest, I take it quite literally. They are fighting against a horde of the undead. She looks forward to meeting this and seeing if she can best them. She is the ultimate fighter, she loves to have a challenge put before her, and then overcome it. And, she is clever, resourceful, and vicious. The White Walkers represent a challenge, a hurdle, to be overcome. And more than that, they spit in the very face of what she was taught. She serves the Many-Faced God, because no matter where you are, religions always attempt to explain death. Death exists everywhere and with everyone, and she supplies the God of Death with every name checked off her list. What happens when one of those names is brought back? Not as themselves but something that defies death, defies her god.

Arya is one of my favourite characters and certainly my favourite Stark. So her fate, to me, should be dying as she crosses the last name out on her list. Bring Ilyn Payne back and let her kill him as she dies. Thus, ending her story where it all began, killing the man that took her father away from her.

For The Throne
The Infamous ‘Starks’ | HBO, Game of Thrones.

Sayge: I also think Arya meant it quite literally. She has been through a lot so far and has looked death in the face multiple times. I think at this point it excites Arya what challenges will be ahead especially if she is talking about fighting the white walkers.

Shareca’s Response to Sayge & Kyle: I agree with you both on that perspective. I always think GoT is reading between the lines, I was like “The White Walkers” are too much on the surface, it can’t be that. In this case, though, I am sure it is about that. At least 50% of it.

Who Will Be For The Throne?

If you want more of the roundtable discussion, check out questions 1 & 2 and 5 & 6. We had a lot to say about everything Game of Thrones. The season premieres tonight, April 14th on HBO. Tune in and let us know how you enjoyed the first and last episode of Game of Thrones (#ForTheThrone).