The Road So Far and Still to Come – Speculation and Reaction to Supernatural’s Milestone Tenth Season


THE ROAD SO FAR – Retrospective

I feel like a lot of the time, hiatus makes fans forget exactly why they love their show so much, whatever it may be. I know this year’s Hellatus had that effect on me. It’s actually one of the first bona-fide hiatuses I’ve ever experienced – I’ve had to wait for other shows to come back in the past, but none that I care about as much as Supernatural. Because of that, I think the Retrospective really served, if anything, to get me really and truly excited for the new season of the show. Looking back at all I’ve been through with the show (I binge-watched the first 8 ½ seasons in two months, and watched the last part of season 9 live), I know that it has grown to become a big part of my life.

If I had not given into a friend’s relentless encouragement to watch it, I probably never would have mastered the fine art of binge-watching. I never would have stayed up to the wee hours to see if Dean makes it out of Hell, which, of course, he does. I never would have laughed till I gave myself hiccups when I watched Changing Channels, Mystery Spot, and The French Mistake. I never would have been able to bond over something this awesome with friends who also happened to be fans of the show. And, most importantly, I probably wouldn’t have started writing for this website.

THE ROAD WE’RE ON – Expectations and Speculations

The Season 9 Finale

“After Dean attacks Gadreel with the First Blade, Sam and Castiel lock him in the bunker’s dungeon out of fear of what the Blade is doing to him and heal Gadreel who reveals that Metatron intends to convert humanity into following him instead of God.

handwriting of metatron metatron?

a transformer write that? metatron not megatron

As the power Metatron draws from the angel tablet makes him unstoppable, Gadreel and Castiel decide to infiltrate Heaven to break the tablet and his power while Sam goes after Metatron himself. Dean summons Crowley who helps him escape and start tracking down Metatron, but Dean has Crowley leave after Sam agrees to help him. The two track down Metatron, but Dean proves no match for him and is fatally wounded.

dean is dead lol im proud of us

In Heaven, Gadreel and Castiel are found out and locked in Heaven’s dungeon, but Gadreel sacrifices himself to free Castiel and convince the angel Hannah to help him. Castiel finds and shatters the angel tablet, reverting Metatron to a regular angel and forcing him to flee before Sam can kill him. Metatron confronts Castiel, arrogantly telling him that he will rule both humanity and the angels who he sees as beneath him, not knowing that Castiel is broadcasting his words to every angel in existence. The angels turn on Metatron, overpowering him and Castiel locks Metatron in Heaven’s dungeon rather than kill him. While the other angels look to Castiel as their leader once more, Castiel would rather be a regular angel and is faced with the fact he will die soon unless he replenishes his grace.Dean succumbs to his injuries and dies, and while Sam tries to summon Crowley to make a deal to resurrect him, Crowley visits Dean, revealing that the Mark of Cain won’t let go of him.

demon dean

After instructions from Crowley, Dean opens his eyelids, revealing demonic black eyes.”

Synopsis Source: Wikipedia

Fans Speak their Minds

 “I’m assuming one of them will want to leave, and then they won’t. I’m also assuming Cas will get his grace back, but illegally. And then he won’t tell anyone and he’ll slowly implode.”

– Savannah, 16


“As a Destiel shipper and a member of LGBTA I was a little let down by TPTB and some actors during JIBCon 5 (which is why I wrote that article and haven’t been so excited about S10 since). The musical episode gave me some hope back but then they announced that Crowley and Castiel won’t be in it. I’m still excited and I’ll watch it because it’s still Supernatural after all. But they’re really gonna have to surprise me with how they manage Demon!Dean, Castiel’s storyline and the roles of women like Charlie, Jody and Claire.”

– Uve, 22


“I’ve been watching supernatural for the most of 4 years now. With each season premiere, a feeling of absolute immeasurable excitement follows. This year is a little different. I AM proud of this show for reaching this milestone, but other fans, like myself are curious: did the originality and spark of the storyline grow stale? Is this the same dumb plot line used countless times? Last season was not of usual Supernatural quality, at least in my opinion. Writing was weak, filled with continuity errors, and overall dissatisfying. When season 9 ended with the “plot twist” (I use this term loosely) of Dean becoming a demon, I was skeptical yet again or the direction of the show. I don’t know what to expect, to be honest. Will they continue on this downward spiral? Or will they create a fresh new mythology arc that captivates the viewers? Tonight, we will see if our show is still salvageable. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the 10th season of this show we love so much. Even if we do get a bit too critical at times.”

– Taylor, 16

My Two Cents

Honestly, at this point I have no idea what to expect. I’ve been building up this fantasy of a perfect episode for weeks, and now that it’s finally here I’m at a loss for what to say. I know it will be awesome, both because it is a premiere, and, of course, because it’s Supernatural. I would have to say that my biggest fear for this season, though, is how they will address the Demon!Dean storyline. From what I’ve seen in promos and trailers, its just Dean with no inhibitions. I know TPTB are pretty confident about it, but I’m still hesitant. If they can do it well, then it will be a joy to watch – but if they can’t . . . well, let’s just say I’m not so sure there will be a season 11 if they screw up badly enough. But, as a whole, I’d like to think that this season will be better that season 9, both because of premise and writing staff. But even if they do screw it up big time, I’ll still be there to watch every second of it as it unfolds.

THE ROAD AHEAD – Season 10 Premiere: “Black”


“The episode starts with Sam torturing a demon to find out Crowley and Dean’s whereabouts, even going so far as to slice her throat to call someone who has answers. “Whatever soul you had, whatever Boy Scout code you cuddled up to at night, it’s all gone,” she replies. Four weeks later, he’s no closer to locating his brother, but he’s still searching despite Dean’s note, which reads: “Sammy let me go.” (Did anyone else find the fact that demon Dean still calls him “Sammy” comforting?) Sam reaches out to Cas when he stumbles upon a lead, but the angel’s fading grace has left him in no condition to help, and Sam has the hurt shoulder from their last trip to prove it.

“I miss him,” Cas declares. “Why would he just disappear?” Then he wonders if the Dean they knew is possibly still out there.

The answer: Sort of. There’s still a playfulness to Dean as he partakes in some karaoke, not caring that everyone’s booing him. And he’s still into the ladies, casually hooking up with a waitress. But the way he pretty much dismisses her afterwards is different. Not to mention, he goes to town on her abusive (ex-?)boyfriend, beating him to a pulp. He also kills several of Abaddon’s groupies with the First Blade, but as Sam discovers, they were actually sent by Crowley, who’s trying to keep Dean sharp for their professional future.

When Sam finally calls, Crowley gets his digs in. “Your brother and I were starting to wonder if you hit another dog,” he says. Burn! Sam vows to save Dean or die trying, but Crowley counters that it’s not what Dean’s become that bothers him. “You can’t stand the fact that he’s mine,” he continues. “Dean Winchester completes me.” (Their earlier “Jerk”/”Bitch” exchange, a trademark of the brothers, rubs salt in the wound.)

He certainly completes Crowley’s plans. All the karaoke and drinking and sex is fun, but Crowley’s got a bigger picture in mind where the two of them “create the perfect Hell.”

“We’re not ending the party,” he tells Dean. “We’re just moving the party.” He leaves his new buddy to consider his proposal.

Meanwhile, another hunter named Cole is after Dean, unaware of what’s happened to him, and kidnaps Sam in the process. Something went down between Cole and Dean a long time ago, and “now he’s prey, and I’m the monster,” Cole declares before calling up Dean to demand a trade. But he’s not about to come to Sam’s aid to save his life, instead vowing to find and kill Cole somewhere down the road.

When the hunter threatens to slit Sam’s throat, Dean coldly replies, “I told him to let me go, so any jam he’s in now, that is his problem… He knows damn sure that if I am one thing, I am a man of my word.” Eek.

Now back to Cas for a second. Hannah visits him, seeking help with two rogue angels, Daniel and Adina, who killed one of their own for attempting to bring them home. They track down Daniel, who’s enjoying his freedom and having choices and doesn’t want to return to Heaven. Hannah threatens to get physical, but Cas calms her down. As the trio talk, Adina shows up and a fight breaks out, during which Cas kills Daniel to save Hannah as Adina escapes. While Hannah is all about rules to keep chaos from breaking out, Cas wonders if he’s been on Earth too long. “There’s seemingly nothing but chaos,” he says. “Not all bad comes from it – art, hope, love, dreams.” Hannah’s befuddled response: “But those are human things.””

Synopsis Source:

Did it Live up to Expectations?

Where it Exceeded

I really loved what they did with Demon!Dean. I know the writers wanted to sort of keep the true sense of Dean as a character (I mean, really, “porn guy”? You can’t get any more accurate than that). But I love how they managed to keep that personality we’ve all come to know and love, and still manage to bring something new to the table – something that they definitely did not do last season.

And, too, despite Sam’s rather poor delivery this episode, I really liked what the writers did with Sam’s predicament at the moment – he’s really alone for the first time. Dean is a Deanmon. Cas is dying. And everyone else is off galavanting and doing god knows what. And, of course, he’s now at the mercy of the Dean-loathing Cole. I think this season is really going to test Sam’s capability for self-sufficiency and reliance. He’s always really had a safety net in the past – a family. But now, there’s no one left to catch him, so he’s either going to save himself or die trying. I think this could really be an exciting plot point to watch develop, both for Sam internally and in his relationship with Dean.

Where it Fell Short

It’s really not a stretch to say that this was not one of Jared’s best episodes. Regardless of the reasons behind it, he pretty much spent the entire episode brooding, making stupid decisions (we’re talking Hunting 101 stuff here, people), and saying, “WHARS MAH BRUTHA?!”. We get it, Moose, you want Dean back, but you’re boring us to sleep here. The writers definitely could have done better, and I look forward to improvements in both writing and delivery as the season continues.

I also hated the relationship between Dean and Ann Marie. I know that the show is definitely not very female-friendly, and by no means radically feminist whatsover, but I feel like they could have given her some other purpose than to drive Dean’s characterization and development – just another pawn tossed aside in the big picture of the Man Plan.

 Favorite Moments

This episode is one that has served the Supernatural fandom’s quite literally bottomless archive of relevant gifs for every occasion in the history of ever.

im sensing awkwardness

You’re not the only one, Cas. Dean Humanity senses it too.

dean winchester completes me

In which Crowley is every teenage fangirl to ever feel feels.

crowley jerkdean crowley bitch



And, of course, Dean has somehow managed to chronicle the daily pants dilemma in one impossibly accurate facial expression. #acting

Overall Score

Category Score
First impression 9/10
Acting 6/10
Writing 9/10
Feels 10/10
Overall 7/10
Overall score 41/50 4.1 Pairs of Flannel Pants

flannel pantsflannel pantsflannel pantsflannel pants

Because, of course, pants.


And, most importantly of all, Supernatural is utterly incomplete without a liberal coat of flannel. So, here’s your weekly dose – I hope it lasts you ’til next Tuesday.

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