We begin in Riverdale, a town that still swarms of evil despite finding out who killed Jason Blossom last season. We thought we had it all figured out, but little do we know, evil still swarms in Riverdale…and this time, it’s out to get Archie Andrews.

“The Angel of Death has come to Riverdale.”

Michael Myers Is Looking For Archie Andrews — Have You Seen Him?

We begin this episode finishing what happened the previous season and the former episode/chapter: “Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter.” Archie Andrews has been shot. One of the purest parents on Riverdale has been shot. We maybe would have been content if Alice Cooper got shot, or Betty’s father — but, why Fred?

While the ending of Chapter Thirteen was a tailspin, to say the least, Riverdale seems to be pushing Veronica and Archie on us so hard we forget Fred got shot this episode. They show Veronica and Archie having intercourse in the shower, they show Veronica being vulnerable with Archie, and we see Veronica even talking about Archie to Betty. There is not really any time to take in that Fred was shot.


I know there are some shippers of the two, but calm down Riverdale writers. On another note, this episode Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom are the main showrunners. They have come back from the dead to be the badass female characters I knew they always were. This episode, if anything, showed just how badass they could be.

ATTN: “Jughead Jones Eats A Burger”

We finally see Jughead Jones eat a burger (and it looked tasty!) What more could we want out of a season premiere? On that subject, though, Betty and Jughead seem to have a reasonable relationship. Before, I was indifferent about their relationship and did not think bad or good about it.

However, they seem to be the only ones having a real relationship on the show. Bughead is taking it slow, and Betty is concerned about real life issues that come up in their relationship. I like Bughead, for the most part (please don’t hate me). Hermione Lodge, on the other hand, is coming off as a real antagonist this season.

That will be something to keep looking forward to throughout this season. We found who killed Jason Blossom, and then right when that is solved — we have another almost murder on our hands. And, the Lodge’s are looking suspicious…


Fred Andrews is alive, and Grundy is dead (and was also still sleeping with students) and there’s someone out there to get Archie… but, who could it be? Michael Myers? A random dude? I guess we will find out this season on Riverdale.

What will we make of Chapter Fifteen? Stay tuned to what might happen on next weeks episode. The Daily Fandom will be reviewing Riverdale weekly until the season is over.


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