Review Supernatural – Girls, Girls, Girls – Twists, turns and feels

girls, girls, girls

After two giggly, fun, roflmao, espisodes we are back to story arcs with a vengeance. Writer Robert Berens seems to have felt he needed to pack as much into this episode as possible to get us back on track.  From Castiel and Hannah, to Crowley to Cole we catch up with everyone from ep 1-4 and get a pretty straightforward look into how Dean really feels. I have to go to work in a few so I am going to bullet point this.

Hannah and Cas – When last we saw these two they were hunting down rogue angels. Cas was telling Hannah to stay on mission and not get distracted by trying to save him. Here we see something that no other angel, including Cas has shown. An awareness for their vessel’s existence. After Hannah meets Caroline’s, her vessel, husband she becomes truly aware of how human she is becoming and it makes her re-evaluate what her role as an angel is. She talks about how humans were the original mission of angels and that over the last year that has all been cast aside because they have been using humans to complete what they thought their missions were, whether it be stopping Metatron or rounding up rogue angels. Not to mention how they were all forced into vessels when they fell. Hannah’s speech about the humans, and what their lives mean vs angels and their mission shows that she, like Cas, has gained appreciation for the worth of humanity, for their feelings, their passions and their lives. One gets the sense that she feels that perhaps angels are too powerful to be allowed to feel like humans do so she chooses to put things back the way they should be and gives Caroline her body back.

We have been told that Cas will be going on a very personal journey and the set up for this that we see in this episode has me very excited for it. The writers have said that this year will challenge everyone’s beliefs in themselves and what the order of things should be. Cas can’t give control back to Jimmy as it was stated that Jimmy is dead, unless they change that somehow, so I am really looking forward to seeing what they have Cas do once he meets up with Claire again.

Cole and Dean – Cole serves as an impetus for Dean to speak his own truth regarding his state of mind, and he does it in a way we’ve rarely seen from Dean. It was a moment where Jensen and Travis pulled all of us into the screen to stand in that alley with them. Dean’s opening for their conversation, that if after he has said his piece Cole could still take his shot and kill him, tells you immediately that this is a new side of Dean and that Dean has so much darkness still within him that he is willing to let everything go. Their five minutes serves up so many things we never thought Dean would say that it is still replaying in my head. Dean uses the word love in reference to Sam and Cas. Dean has always avoided that word before so when states that the people that love him brought him back from the edge, you truly feel that not only are the brothers on the same page of being brothers but that it is a new page for Dean. He’s willing to not run from his emotions as much any more. Yes,  he still lies to Sam at the end and says that he was just saying what Cole needed to hear but both Sam and he know better. When Dean states that he is beyond saving and you see Sam’s reaction it’s a double hit to us because Sam was there in season 8, feeling worthless and begging Dean to let him go at the end of the Trials and it was Dean who told him otherwise. This conversation between Dean and Cole, which, to me,  was truly between Sam and Dean, with Cole providing the requisite space Dean needed to truly open up, is setting the tone for the brother’s relationship for the season. Sam cured the demon but now he has the much more challenging job of pulling Dean back from his guilt and self loathing which he has carried for his entire life. I think Sam’s up for it, but is Dean.

Rowena and Crowley – MORE SCOTTISH REDHEADS PLEASE!! Rowena was just so much fun!! She and Abaddon are my official favorite baddies of Supernatural. She was troubled, powerful, slightly twisted and just fascinating to watch. I can’t wait to see more of her especially interacting with Crowley!! There could be several entire episodes of those two and I wouldn’t mind one bit. I will brag here and state that I called her for Crowley’s Mom when I first saw her and heard the rumors of witchery. Crowley needs someone to help him rule Hell, let’s admit it, he’s floundering, she’s powerful, exiled from the Grand Coven and is apparently immortal since she’s still alive, it’s the perfect pair. Let’s not forget that Crowley has the First Blade which links to Cain and Dean and he is not above trying to acquire a Knight of Hell. They are both witches, and powerful ones at that. If the writers choose to take that route, which it seems they might since we have heard that Cain will be back and pissed, this will open up entirely new story lines for the season.

Supernatural has legs for several more years with the top notch writing Carver and the rest have presented so far and I can’t wait to see where they take us!