Relationsheep doesn’t sound like something that would be exciting and fun, but you would be wrong. A new Australian comedy web series is about relationships and sheep… well, more so about a failing relationship with a sheep/man hybrid. You could consider it a Wilfred meets the Muppets.

What Is Relationsheep?

It is a six-part series starring Lee Naimo as the one and only Relationsheep. Amberly Cull is the writer, creator and plays Myrtle, Jonathan Macmillan plays Steve, and there are just three actors in the entire series. The three actors are the ones you see on screen and in the picture below; impressive, right?

This web series follows the daily lives of Steve, who is a serious businessman and Myrtle an adult-baby. Sounds about as weird as weird can get, but in the best way possible. The relationship between Myrtle and Steve is broken, but they, regardless at the end of the day, love one another.

They are determined to make it work, so they invite Relationsheep into their home. Its job is to fix relationships (get it, Relationsheep?) The reason they help is that it is the only way they can get their wings. The problem is Relationsheep is possibly a dud, and hilarious antics ensue.

This web series depicts those antics. The fun and playful style is crafted by Robert Woods, a skilled man of many talents who directs, edits, does the special effects, sound and composes the music.

Where Can I Watch Relationsheep?

You can watch episode one here, and it’s going to be great — trust us when we say it’s going to be baaaaary great. (Get it? Very great but with the sheep… nevermind.) Check out the entire series here if you would like!