The Redeeming Life of Gamora In The MCU (Infinity War Spoilers)


If you haven’t seen Infinity Wardon’t read this — the title gives little away, so don’t do it. If you have seen the heartwrenching film that is Infinity War, you know how Gamora met her demise. However, she is an underrated character — not only for being one of the best characters in Infinity War. But… for being a character who took my heart and threw it off the Soul Stone cliff.

After the film, viewers were shocked at the demise she met. Throughout the MCU, she was always known as “Thanos’ daughter” (or step-daughter, depending on how you look at it). She was an outcast and that is how she fits in with the Guardians. Nonetheless, in the MCU, she is a powerhouse and even more so after Infinity War. 

Gamora’s death remained met with an unjust fate, especially being as it was at the hands of Thanos. But, we are here to talk about her character in the MCU. Essentially, how we got to Infinity War. Who is Gamora and why did we all cry when she met her fate at the Soul Stone cliff? Well, let’s find out!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Version of Gamora

There are a few nicknames for the gorgeous alien in the galaxy, Gamora is known as — The Fiercest Woman in the Galaxy, The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy, Little One, Daughter of Thanos, Sweetheart, and a few more across the galaxy. Notably, she is known as Gamora, Daughter of Thanos (Little One), and The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy.

In A Nutshell: Who Is She?

An assassin and member of the Guardians. We would say former, but she is still alive (in our hearts). She is also the adopted daughter of Thanos after he killed off her race, Zehoberei. She freed herself from his ways after serving him for years. After that, she was hired to steal the classic, famous Orb that Star-Lord was also in the midst of stealing.

Gamora became caught up in the Quest and became friends with the Guardians shortly after. After the Battle of Xandar, she decided to work with them. She has a sister named, Nebula, who she rescued and took back custody of after having made a deal with Sovereign to kill the Abilisk. On her mission to punish Nebula, she met Star-Lord’s father, Ego. You know, that long-lost father we hear about all the time? 

Yeah, that one.

Guardians Vol. 2 + Ego Expansion

Around Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ego pretended he wanted to bond with his son. Gamora was obviously suspicious (as she always is) and Nebula, having freed herself, eventually discovered Ego’s intentions, called the “Ego Expansion.”

Essentially, he would destroy and rebuild the universe. Upon this discovery, The Guardians team up to destroy the planet, succeeding with the help of adorable Mantis. They defeated what needed to be done, however, at the cost of Yondu (R.I.P.)

Present: Infinity War 

Years after Guardians Vol. 2, The Guardians received a distress call sent by Thor. He was warning them that Thanos had begun his search for the Infinity Stones. Realizing what Thanos intended to do with them, Gamora led her friends to Knowhere to procure the Aether.

This was led to a downfall because Gamora was captured by Thanos. He then took Gamora to Vormir, where the Soul Stone was located. This is where he used her as an unwillingly sacrifice in order to obtain the Soul Stone.

“You’re My Favorite Daughter”

Gamora is a selfless being, however, she can be ruthless when need be. She does not take anyone’s crap, even Star-Lord’s. And, she sticks up for her friends. Despite her shortcomings, and her step-father, and her past, she is powerful and gentle. She is willing to die to prevent Thanos from becoming all-mighty powerful.

She is willing to die at the hands of Star-Lord, to keep Thanos from becoming God. Although, Thanos loves no one and he is a selfish being. He did love Gamora. After realizing that, moments before her death, she remained outraged. Not because Thanos finally loved someone, but because Thanos finally loved someone enough to murder them for a bigger meaning.

Gamora Sacrificed Herself For The Avengers

Despite that, Gamora knew what she was doing. In some way, deep down, she knew she would die or have to die. That is why she asked Star-Lord to kill her before she was captured, or while she was captured. Although he nearly did, Gamora knew she would die at the hands of Thanos. Often underestimated when she should not be.

Gamora knew the entire time how to get the Soul Stone, even without Red Skull telling both Thanos and Gamora. This could be why she wanted to be killed beforehand. Or, why she assumed Thanos didn’t love anyone enough to get the Soul Stone so he would never actually be able to get it. She understood both scenarios, and deep down, she knew Thanos had to love something. 

She just didn’t know it was her.

The Ending of Infinity War

Infinity War ended on a grim note. Half of the Avengers turned to dust, Thanos retrieved all of the Stones, and amongst many — a lot of Avengers died including Loki. The one that tears me apart the most is Gamora’s death. She was murdered at the hands of her abuser, naturally. There was nothing she could do to not fall to her death. Thanos is strong, huge, and can snap his fingers and turn anything into bubbles.

Gamora couldn’t actually escape if she tried. However, it kills me that her life was short-lived for a Soul Stone. She was much more than that. She was a powerhouse of a character, and she put up with Star-Lord… which tests a lot of patience. In reality, Gamora gave her life in order to save the entire universe. She spent her entire life trying to stop Thanos and move on from her past, and the moment she finally did, Thanos played an illusion on her.

In a way, she grieved, it’s believed that she died knowing that — even though Thanos was… a horrible person, he did love her. In his weird, problematic, way, he did. But, that is another article for another day. The life is Gamora was a great one — and, even if she doesn’t know it, we do. She is truly a survivor, thank you for your sacrifice Gamora.

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