The words from the quote below shook the bones of many in the original IT. The fear of clowns sky-rocketed and children were not the only ones who feared the darkness under their beds and inside of their closets. Pennywise the clown is a symbol of the horror community and is coming back to theaters for IT 2. Where the Losers Club will face their childhood horror, Pennywise, once again: but this time they are adults.

“I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I’m your worst dream come true. And I’m everything you’re afraid of,”

Pennywise the Clown, Stephan Kings IT 1990.
A photo taken from IT Chapter 1 of a missing persons flyer put in the actual location that inspired the image.
Patrick Missing Poster — Photo: IT 2 (2017)

Pennywise The Clown made its debut in the original novel by Stephan King, released September 15, 1986. The first movie adaption remained released November 18, 1990, starring Tim Curry as Pennywise. Then in 2017, the second movie adaptation, IT, was released, starring Bill Skarsgård as a modern Pennywise. The film follows the self-proclaimed Losers Club and their struggle to fight the evil that is haunting them and their home town of Derry, Maine.

Derry, ME: The Town of IT 1 & IT 2

What may be interesting is that Derry was inspired by a real city by the name of Bangor, ME. This is the place that likewise happens to be King’s hometown. Having latterly moved to a small town outside Bangor, I thought why not place the movie in reality. I took a 30-minute long walking tour of downtown Bangor and found many of the locations that inspired the story.

A photo taken from IT 1 of Ben Hanscom sitting in the Derry Library learning about Derry history put in the actual location that inspired the image.
Ben Sitting In The Derry Library — IT 2 (2017)

The locations consisted of, The Derry Library (Bangor Library, 145 Harlow St, Bangor, ME 04401) where Ben Hanscom would spend many hours alone and lost in books filed with Derry’s history.

Derry is not like any town I’ve been to before. People die or disappear six times the national average. And that’s just grown ups. Kids are worse. Way, way worse.

—Ben Hanscom in It 1 (2017 film).
A photo taken from IT 1 of Beverly Marsh sittkng Outside Her Apartment at the actual location that inspired the image.
Beverly Sitting Outside Her Apartment Photo — IT 2 (2017)

Then the apartments on Main St. where Beverly Marsh anxiously waited to show her fellow Losers the bathroom coated in blood that her father could not see. The small moments captured in the 2017 film highlight the controversial tone underlying the central plot. IT 2 is not just a movie about children fighting a supernatural killer clown. But rather a series of intertwined stories about children and their individual struggles to fight their inner demons.

The Man Who Inspired IT 2

Stephan King, the man behind many countless top sellers both in books and film, has inspired countless adaptations of art and fan fiction that have captured the hearts of those who love terror. He still lives in Bangor, ME and remains engaged in the community as both a celebrity and a member. If you ever want to see the famous spider gate that guards Stephan King’s estate don’t be surprised to see the public take photos of his home. Many people from all over the world stop by to peek into the life of the man who created our favorite monsters.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

Stephen King
A photo taken from IT Chapter 1 of Pennywise holding a ballon placed outside Stephan Kings house.
Pennywise Photo — IT 2 (2017)

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6th!