RECKLESS JULIETS, the award-winning web series is here and ready for the viewin’ party. This web series is the dark comedy you need in your life, with a little devastation on the side. There are four main characters in the story, teenage gals ready for the prowl.

They are strong-willed, badass, and brave. You could consider this a cross between Heather and The Virgin Suicides. Carmody, Wynn, Chloe, and Shasta are lifelong friends, this web series follows them as they navigate their way through high school, womanhood, and hectic home lives.

This web series touches on mental health, body positivity, suicide awareness, LGBTQIA representation, and the complexity of female friendship. This web series tells a story like many web series do — but, this one is harsher and themes are harsher and it is aware of what it is doing — in a good way.

Reckless Juliets from recklessjuliets on Vimeo. You can buy all the episodes for 9.99$ on Vimeo.