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Sadia Badiei With Her Boyfriend

Who is Sadia Badiei?

Sadia Badiei was born on 6th March 1991 in Pakistan and is currently 31 years old. Her parents are initially from Afghanistan but migrated to Vancouver, Canada due to war. She completed a BSc.degree in Dietetics. 

Sadia Badiei with her Boyfriend

Sadia was employed in hospitals and clinics as a dietician. She also practiced one-on-one consultancy with clients after that.

Badiei lives a vegan lifestyle and has a YouTube channel with name Pick Up Limes which has 3.82 million followers and more than 217 million views. 

She started posting healthy vegan recipes as a hobby but later converted her interest into her channel on YouTube.

Sadia has also founded Pick Up Limes, a venture that aims to provide healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, and other information. 

pics of Sadia Badiei with her Boyfriend

Badiei also posts regularly on her Instagram (@pickuplimes) where she has 840k followers. She posts videos, pictures, and reels of different vegan healthy recipes, tips, guides, etc on wholesome living.

The Rise of Sadia Badiei as a Health and Wellness Influencer

Sadia Badiei has experienced a remarkable rise as a health and wellness influencer, captivating audiences with her unique approach and empowering message.

Through her platform, Pick Up Limes, Sadia has gained a significant following by offering a holistic and balanced perspective on nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care.

One of the key factors in Sadia’s success is her expertise and educational background as a registered dietitian.

Her evidence-based approach to nutrition resonates with her audience, as she provides credible and reliable information to help people make informed choices about their well-being.

Sadia’s ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in an accessible manner has made her a trusted source of guidance and inspiration.

Beyond her expertise, Sadia’s warm and relatable personality shines through in her content. She creates a sense of connection and authenticity, fostering a supportive community.

Sadia Badiei and Robin

Her emphasis on self-love, body positivity, and mindfulness encourages individuals to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Sadia’s content extends beyond recipes and nutritional advice. She incorporates elements of self-care, organization, and sustainable living, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

By promoting a balanced lifestyle that prioritizes mental and emotional well-being, she empowers her audience to make sustainable changes for long-term health.

Sadia’s impact goes beyond her online presence. She has authored a successful cookbook, conducted workshops, and given TEDx talks, further solidifying her influence and reach in the health and wellness sphere.

Her ability to connect with people and inspire positive change has propelled her to become a respected voice in the industry.

Sadia Badiei with her Boyfriend

Sadia Badidei is engaged to Robingizmo who is a dutch. The couple got engaged in 2021. The couple met on a beach in Thailand.

vegan youtuber Sadia Badiei's boyfriend pics

How did Sadia Badiei and her boyfriend meet?

Sadia and Robin’s love story didn’t start with a swipe right on Tinder or a chance encounter at a coffee shop; instead, it began through a series of serendipitous events.

Back in 2011, Robin was on a backpacking trip in Europe when he stumbled upon Sadia’s blog, Pick Up Limes.

At the time, Sadia was a student studying dietetics in the Netherlands and had just started her blog as a way to share her passion for nutrition and wellness.

pics of Sadia Badiei and Robin

Robin, who was also interested in healthy living, found Sadia’s blog to be a valuable resource and began following it closely.

He was impressed by the depth of her knowledge and her ability to distill complex nutritional concepts into accessible information for her readers.

Over time, he began commenting on her blog posts, sharing his own insights and asking questions.

Sadia, who had a policy of responding to every comment on her blog, started to notice Robin’s thoughtful contributions and the two struck up a conversation.

They soon discovered that they had a lot in common, not just in terms of their interest in healthy living, but also their outlook on life.

Despite living on opposite sides of the world (Sadia was in the Netherlands while Robin was in Canada), the two continued to connect online and became good friends.

They would talk for hours about their shared interests and their respective lives, sharing stories and experiences with each other.

vegan youtuber Sadia Badiei's boyfriend picsc

It wasn’t until two years later, in 2013, that Sadia and Robin finally met in person. Sadia was traveling abroad and happened to be in Canada, where Robin lived.

He suggested that they meet up and she agreed, eager to finally meet her online friend face-to-face.

When they finally did meet, it was as if they had known each other for years. They hit it off immediately and spent a wonderful few days getting to know each other in person.

At the end of the trip, they both knew that they had something special and decided to pursue a long-distance relationship.

What are Sadia and her boyfriend’s common interests?

Well, it turns out that Sadia’s boyfriend, Robingizmo, shares her passion for health and fitness. In fact, the two of them often bond over their shared love for cooking and eating healthy food.

They can often be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and creating delicious and nutritious meals together.

vegan youtuber Sadia Badiei with her Boyfriend

Apart from their shared interest in health and wellness, Sadia and Robingizmo are both avid readers and love to learn and explore new things.

They often spend their evenings curled up on the couch with a good book or watching educational videos on YouTube.

Furthermore, Sadia and Robingizmo both share a deep appreciation for nature and the great outdoors.

They love to go on hikes, explore new trails, and soak up the sun. In fact, they recently took a camping trip together and had a blast cooking meals over a campfire and stargazing at night.

Sadia’s Impact on the Plant-Based Community

As a registered dietitian, Sadia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, educating her audience about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Her focus on balanced nutrition and mindful eating has helped dispel misconceptions and promote a more informed understanding of plant-based eating.

Through her visually appealing and delicious recipes, Sadia has inspired countless individuals to explore and embrace plant-based cuisine, making it more approachable and enjoyable.

Beyond the realm of food, Sadia emphasizes the environmental and ethical considerations of a plant-based lifestyle, raising awareness of the positive impact it can have on the planet and animal welfare.

vegan youtuber Sadia Badiei and Robin

She has built a supportive community, offering guidance, interaction, and a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and seek support on their plant-based journeys.

Sadia’s collaborations and partnerships with organizations and influencers have further amplified the message of plant-based living, showcasing its accessibility and diversity.

Through her expertise, creativity, and compassionate approach, Sadia has made a significant contribution to the plant-based community, inspiring and empowering individuals to adopt a more sustainable and compassionate way of eating.

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