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Emily Norris was born on 26th February 1983 in Canada and is currently 39 years old. 

pics of Emily Norris with her Husband.

Norris is a British-Canadian YouTuber mom who posts videos about her life as a mother, wife, and woman. Emily has been making videos for over six years and is currently one of the most popular mom vloggers in Canada on YouTube. 

She has over 662k subscribers and her videos have been viewed millions of times. She has made over 1000 videos on different subjects like parenting, baby care, lifestyle vlogging, etc. Emily Norris also actively posts on Instagram and has over 150k subscribers.

pics of Emily Norris and Mathew Norris

Norris is also a regular contributor to the Canadian parenting website BabyCenter.ca. In addition to vlogging, She also does occasional modeling gigs and has done work as a brand ambassador for various companies.

Emily Norris With Her Husband

Emily Norris is married to Matthew Norris and they have 3 sons together named Fraser, Caleb, and Jackson. Matthew owns two salons in Shenfield Essex. There’s also a YouTube channel owned by the three kids of Emily and Norris on YouTube and it’s called Norris Bros. 

Emily Norris with her Husband.
Emily Norris and Mathew Norris
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Emily Norris's husband pics
pics of Emily Norris's husband.
Emily Norris's husband
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