Race To The Hunted God In Lucifer #17

We are here yet again with the latest issue of Lucifer. Picking up where we left off in The Hunt Storyline in Lucifer #17. Dan Watters yet again reminds the reader that this title is one of the best being put out at the moment. Dan Watters’ excellent storytelling and his perfect representation of Lucifer has been a pleasure to read through the first seventeen issues.

The story begins with the hunted God racing from the sword of Achilles. The hunted God is said to be a meek mortal, who would stand little chance against a warrior such as Achilles. The hunted God, however, is well prepared for the trouble that is heading her way. Achilles is not the only hunter Odin has gathered though. Four more hunters have arrived at Odin’s call. Hunters that go by the names Thirst, Fear, Thrill, and Honor are here and they are hungry. Lucifer #17 prepares us for the soon to be an epic clash between Lucifer and Odin.

Who Is The Hunted God

Through the past few issues, Watters has teased the Hunted God as an older woman who lives at home taking care of her verbally abusive mother. Watters and the team clearly wanted this hunted God, Beverly, to look frail and unlikely to stand any chance against her hunters. Until the beginning of Lucifer #17 when Dan Watters throws us an unexpected curveball and shows that Beverly is not as innocent as she looks. Dawning a new pair of antlers, Beverly is able to fight off Achilles and capture him with ease.

Lucifer #17, Page #1: Beverly runs from Achilles
Lucifer #17 (DC Entertainment)

Lucifer arrives at Beverly’s home to the unexpected surprise that she has taken out Achilles. The dialogue between the two characters is a load of fun. Lucifer’s quick wit and blunt tone provide a great level of comedy as the two speak about the events taking place. Nevermind that seeing Lucifer interact with a drunk bum on a ferry from Dublin to Liverpool is a good laugh. The two travel on the ferry to avoid detection from the hunters and for Lucifer to bring Beverly to safety.

Odin & His Hunters

As Lucifer attempts to keep Beverly safe, Odin has been busy preparing to hunt for the hunted God. One of the most brilliant scenes in Lucifer #17 is when the team introduces us to the four hunters known as Thrill, Fear, Thirst, and Honor. Watters’ writing and the art of Sebastian Fiumara is a perfect blend as we discover who these cruel, vicious beings are.

Unfortunately for Odin, the hunters he has summoned do not see the need to follow him rather than doing it themselves. Furthermore, the fact that Odin began hunting Beverly before he made the call to them is considered in bad spirits. Even though Lucifer could be in any realm and in any form, the hunters try their luck and proceed without the Norse All-Father.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #17

Lucifer #17 is yet another brilliant issue from this art team. Storytelling for comic books is a two-way street with art and writing. The team of Dan Watters, Fiumara, and Dave McCaig on colors has been a perfect marriage. This book contains many different locations throughout the universe. Locations ranging from Hell to the Woods of Fairie, to a Dublin ferry. Fiumara and McCaig’s work together has been nothing but impressive throughout their run together.

Lucifer #17, Page #3: Beverly speaks with Achilles
Lucifer #17 (DC Entertainment)

This book has been a masterclass in making comics. Reading this comic reminds me of when I read comics from the ’80s, ’70s, ’60s, etc. The stories are fun and eventful. The art serves great with the writing and it’s clear the creative team cares about the product they put out. Finding a comic made this way is not as easy to find today as it was back then, which is to the credit of this spectacular team.

What Does Lucifer #17 Bring?

Lucifer #17 is another great example of why this comic should be on everyone’s pull list. With a run that has been full of great storylines, The Hunt may be the best one yet. Lucifer’s eventual meeting with Odin will be a moment you won’t want to miss. The book always provides its share of humor mixed with a bit of fantasy and a little horror.

Lucifer #17, Page #5: Lucifer speaks with Mazikeen
Lucifer #17 (DC Entertainment)

With Dan Watters behind the wheel, we can expect a few surprises along the way as we move towards the finish line of the story. What happens next is exciting to think about. What’s even more exciting is to see how whatever happens next happens and why. If I had to bet, I would be willing to believe the story will only get better.