Quincredible Is A New Relatable Superhero By Lion Forge

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The new Catalyst Prime Universe is full of awe-inspiring heroes. Heroes who can manipulate the space around them, run at super speeds, invade peoples dreams, and defy the laws of physics. Divided into eight ongoing series, these characters have much more to offer than flashy suits and heroic stunts. They all have depth, much like the way each series is written and illustrated, in their own unique way. The same rule applies to this universes newest hero Quincredible. Not letting the reader forget the human component of these individuals who have been blessed with extraordinary abilities.

However, it always felt this universe was missing a link to unite the characters across this vast world. A relatable character, the same way a Spider-Man would do so for Marvel. Which Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime has found in Quin. An average nerdy teenager with extraordinary ability, who is just trying to find where he belongs. Until a chance encounter with a hero helps Quin decide to join the fight to save the world.

What Is Catalyst Prime?

Before jumping into Quincredible #2 so far it is best to break down “The Event” started this new universe. Due to the fact that Catalyst Prime is still fairly new and its origin ties into Quincredible. It all begins with the discovery of a catastrophic asteroid on a collision course towards Earth. A company called Foresight put together a team of astronauts to perform a last-ditch effort.

Known as Project Icarus, their goal was to fire a nuclear missile at the giant space rock. Hoping the asteroid would be broken down into something the Earth could survive. The mission was a success. However, the Earth was impacted with a devastating meteor shower killing millions, along with the space crew presumed deceased.

…Or so everyone on Earth had thought. The resulting radiation gifted the crew along with anyone with prolonged exposure to the meteors’ enhanced abilities. This gave the CEO of Foresight Lorena Payan an idea to capitalize on what would soon become a new arms race. Lorena’s goal was much bigger than stocking up enhanced individuals in preparation for war. She wanted to usher in a new age of heroes with Foresight leading the charge in hero support. Leading to the creation of Awe-Inspiring heroes such as Noble. Also Supporting up-incoming heroes like Summit and Accell. However, foresight may not be all as squeaky clean as they claim to be.

Who Is Quin? How Does He Tie Into This Universe?

Quin is not your average teenager. Instead of hanging out with friends and going on dates, he stays at home working on an advanced home security system. He worries about the safety of his family and his belongings. Growing up in New Orleans surviving Hurricane Katrina and now a meteor shower, one could see why safety is the main concern. Especially when it applies to his overprotective mother.

This most likely attributes to Quin’s reclusiveness to keeping his worried mother at ease. Quin’s Father is a different type of parent who sees his reclusiveness and is overwhelmed with the progress he has made in his security system. However, he also notices his lack of friends bothers him. Attempting to reassure Quin he will soon find his “Tribe”. Encouraging him to go out and have some weekend fun while he covers with Quin’s mom.

Here is where Quin starts to wonder where his “tribe” is hiding. Hoping if he does find one it would be a superhero tribe partly for the popularity, but mostly for his love of the superheroes that exist in his world. While daydreaming of being a hero, Quin begins to text his crush Brittany, letting her know he is on his way to a community rally. Brittany is a character who, in Quin’s words, “is so woke, it makes him feel asleep.” Meaning her role in community engagement is huge throughout New Orleans. Which inspires Quin to get more involved in his community, even if it’s to get closer to the girl he likes.

The “Invincible” Quin

On a route to the community rally, Quin was ambushed by bullies who ambushed and robbed him of his headphones. Quin tries to avoid the fight in general with a failed attempt to resolve the issues with words, not violence. Making matters worse with a quip about knuckleheads. Here is where Quin’s true power is finally shown. The “Knuckleheads” who beat Quin up did not leave a scratch on him. After a meteor shower decimated New Orleans, Quin was given the gift of invulnerability.

Meaning nothing can hurt him. With this revelation, it is understandable why Quin obsesses over the safety of his family. This made it difficult to explain to his crush Brittany why he was late to a community rally. Making her believe he doesn’t care about the community. The rally was meant to inspire citizens to take action to improve the community and fight for government aid.

Quincredible Ties Together The Catalyst Prime Universe

At the same community rally is when the first of a few crossovers with the Catalyst Prime Universe take place. With Noble making a surprise appearance to help boost community investment. It is here where Quin’s true interests take precedence, as his love and admiration for superheroes even have him distracted from the girl he likes. After an inspirational speech, the riot police make their presence known. In the mix of all the chaos that ensues from this peaceful protest to the police’s escalating brawl, we see Quin perform his first heroic stunt. By stopping a cop from harassing Brittany by throwing a rock at the cop.

Causing a chase and fully testing Quin’s invulnerable ability, by falling from a three-story roof thanks to a strange glow. Here is where another hero, “Glow,” from the Catalyst Prime Universe, crosses over in this series. With her superpower being, she can cast a radiant light that can blind anyone nearby. Catalyst Prime’s characters and events are mentioned quite often in this new series, bringing together new possibilities not yet seen from the universe. Including team-ups, spin-off series, and potentially a series of the universe’s best heroes on the same team.

The Decision To Become A Hero

Glow quickly catches on to what Quin is capable of and convinces him that he can do some real good as the hero New Orleans needs. A hero without any physical weaknesses, the only thing holding Quinn back from achieving greatness is himself. After reflecting on Glow’s words and talking with Brittany, Quin makes the ultimate decision to join the fight to make the world a better place. Since he can not be injured, the best place for him to start training to be a hero is in his mind. Practicing in his backyard, Quin finds being a hero may be harder than it seems.

For inspiration, he asks his parents for their take on saving the world; discovering that there is much more to their backstories. From this conversation, a few quotes stuck out from Quin’s father, including one from his experience in the military.

“From our point of view, we were saving the world. But learning to save the world is a matter of perspective. Everyone has a point of view of how the world should be and who’s the bad guy.”

This encourages Quin to take action if he knows what needs to be changed in this world. Saying:

“You make the most out of the gifts you’ve been given by sharing them with the world,”

unaware of his son’s abilities.

Quincredible Is Born

Giving him the extra drive to become a hero; training any chance he got, even in gym class. Leading up to Quincredible’s debut, Quincredible began arresting criminals stealing from the senior center. Then aiding another Catalyst Prime Hero, Kobra, in a fight over a liquor store robbery. Leaving a cliffhanger of Quincredible overwhelmed by a crew of criminals with unique weapons. In the last panels of Quincredible #1 and the beginning panels of Quincredible #2, a mysterious figure seems to be aiding criminals to increase scenarios of chaos. Showcasing a powerful science-fiction-style weapon, similar to what you see the crew use at the end of the issue.

Overall Quincredible Impressions

Quincredible as the series itself is worth reading by far. The writing and artwork are superb, but the character Quin, himself, will have any comic reader adding this comic to their pull list. As the journey of a relatable nerd finding his place in the world by becoming a superhero. This leaves readers with a similar feeling of reading Spider-Man for the first time.

Quincredible takes place after many other heroes in Catalyst Prime have been established. With this in mind, it’s best to jump in by reading Noble, Summit, or Accell as they give added insight into this brand new world. Making Quin’s excitement for these new heroes more understandable, especially if the reader is new to this universe and doesn’t know what these characters are capable of. The first two issues of Quincredible are available now!