Pyro Gets Blown Up In Maruaders #9

I will be the first to admit that when I think of the premise of Marauders, I certainly wasn’t expecting this series of events. Yellowjacket, of all people, currently resides in Pyro. Things only really get crazier from there. Marauders #9 is written by Gerry Duggan, with art by Matteo Lolli, colors by Edgar Delgado, letters by Joe Caramagna, and designs by Tom Muller. The cover is provided by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson.

Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)
Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)

Almost Too Good To Be True?

There is no time to waste in establishing how goofy Marauders #9 is. In the first few pages, you just know something is clearly amiss. Whether it’s a dream or an illusion, who knows, but something is off with Pyro’s journey. We’re presented with a scenario that is highly unlikely, to say the least, but it is fun. It’s obvious the reader should be taking this with a grain of salt.

Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)
Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)

But for an onlooker in-story that hasn’t seen Krakoa? This is still framed as being within reason. Naturally, no one would second-guess Pyro having an affinity for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Putting On A Show In Marauders #9

Who could be behind this strange string of events thus far in Marauders #9? None other than Emma Frost, who discovered the mind of Yellowjacket lurking inside Pyro when the team returned to Krakoa. In her mind, she is directing a play for Pyro’s and Yellowjacket’s eyes only. It’s tacky and silly as hell, which makes it a joy to see it play out. It’s clear Emma is having a bad time with this, but that sells it even more.

The Red Bishop Arrives

Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)
Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)

It seems that at long last, Bishop has accepted Kate’s offer of becoming her Red Bishop. I was unsure what such a getup would look like for Bishop, a man who so rarely sees a costume change, much less a drastic one. It’s very slick though, echoing Kate’s long cape but working for Bishop in its own way. The boots are a nice touch too, not making the outfit too busy while adding more red to the mix. Kudos to Lolli and Delgado on a lovely design.

A Bloody Mess In Marauders #9

Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)
Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)

Well first of all, YIKES! Marauders #9 does not hold back at all here and it’s more than a little unsettling. Sure, mutants can die at any given time and be resurrected, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t jarring when they’ve exploded in front of our very eyes anyways. There isn’t an abundance of concern from the reader as Pyro gets obliterated as a result, and it allows for a comedic beat that just couldn’t be possible under any other circumstances. Well done Gerry, well done.

The Fate Of Captain Kate

After the laughs and absurdity of Marauders #9 up to this point, it’s hard to imagine how sad this story beat is. Emma is working tirelessly to see Kate be resurrected by The Five, and yet, they remain unsuccessful. A suitable husk can’t seem to be made that can work for Kate to be brought back. There’s no real explanation and everyone in-story is just as confused as we readers are. It’s brilliant, the thread of mystery here playing throughout all of Marauders thus far. Why can’t Kate be on Krakoa? Readers have been pouring over this question for months now, and we seem no closer to an answer. The plotting of this and the way it’s been paced is exciting.

Marvel Comics (2020)
Marauders #9 // Marvel Comics (2020)

I have no doubt in my mind that Kate will return. Soon even, I’m sure. This is a comic book after all, and no one truly stays dead here unless you’re Uncle Ben or Bruce Wayne’s parents. Emma is devastated by the loss of Kate though, giving more credence to how much she has grown as a character and learned to develop lasting significant relationships with those around her. It’s heartwarming in a very bittersweet way. I can’t say how Gerry intends to bring back Kate, only that I have every faith that he will. But that’s part of what makes this particular comic so exciting. I truly don’t know what to expect at each turn.

Should You Read Marauders #9?

I continue to maintain that Marauders is the most fun of the current X-books, even with this issue’s more emotional beats. The jokes almost always land with great success, and the characterization of the team is a high point of the whole X-line. Duggan has honed each voice in these pages to a sharpness that is unmatched as far as chemistry goes. Having Lolli back on Marauders #9 made me realize just how much he was missed.

The fill-in artists have been doing wonderful work, but it simply feels like home with him back in. Delgado is a master and can bring out the best in anybody he works with, showcasing it yet again here. The whole creative team for this book is just absolutely dynamite and continues to impress. Join me again here next month, as Forge joins the team for Marauders #10!

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