Pyo Ye-jin has been making her presence felt in dramas such as “Fight For My Way” and “Love Returns“.

She’s an actress who’s been making headlines as a former Korean Air crew member, and with her adorable looks, she’s one to watch now! Here is her profile, why she became an actress, her hot boyfriend, and her Instagram.

Pyo Ye-jin’s Profile

Name: Pyo Ye Jin 표예진

Date of Birth: Born on February 3, 1992

Place of Birth: Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

Height: 164cm

Weight: 50kg

Blood Type: Type O


Pyo Ye-jin had various dreams as a child, such as a scientist, a broadcaster, an announcer, a baker, and opening a chicken shop. In the process, she entered the aviation flight operation department and became a flight attendant. 

After changing careers, Ye-jin aspired to become an actress and made her debut in the 2012 drama “Here Comes Mr. Oh” starring Lee Jang Woo & Oh Yeon-seo.

Recently, Pyo Ye-jin has garnered attention for her appearances in popular dramas such as “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” and “Doctors”.

She also became popular in the advertising industry, gaining even more recognition through commercials for McDonald’s and credit card companies!

 In 2017, she appeared in the KBS daily drama “Love Returns.” This was Pyo Ye Jin’s first starring role. With this drama, which runs 120 parts in total, she solidified her position as an actress. Pyo Ye-jin will be seen more often on TV and on the screen in the future.

Ms. Pyo Ye Jin has made a name for herself as a flight attendant-turned-actress. A flight attendant-turned-actress is an unprecedented pattern, isn’t it?

Reasons Why Pyo Ye-jin Became Actress From Air Attendent

She worked as a flight attendant for Korean Air for about a year and a half from the age of 19 in 2011. When she joined the company, Pyo Ye-jin was famous as an “Olchan crew member” because of her well-dressed appearance.

She has spoken about those days saying that she was young, so there were many things that hurt her. Pyo Ye-jin often cried secretly in the bathroom. When she thinks about it now, that was also a valuable experience.” She recalls that she was young, so there were a lot of hurtful things.


Why did she become an actress?

As to the reason, she says that she was working as a flight attendant when she looked back at herself and thought, what would make her happy. She was quite worried about what she should do to make herself happy. 

Pyo Ye-jin loved to express herself, and wanted to act so badly. So she recklessly quit my job as a flight attendant. Realistically, it was reckless, but she thinks what’s most important is what makes you happy.

Pyo Ye-jin says she was attracted to the fact that the service industry requires one to hide one’s inner self, while acting is the opposite, allowing one to express oneself.

However, when she quit her job as a flight attendant, her friends asked her if anything was wrong with her. Ye-jin’s parents were against it, too, of course. However, she was undaunted and kept trying to persuade them.

When Pyo told them that she thought she would regret it if she didn’t do this job, they started to support her. Now her parents are the happiest with her. It is clear that Pyo Ye Jin is determined to go straight ahead.

What About Pyo Ye-jin’s Boyfriend or Love Life?

With her good looks, Pyo Ye-jin must be very popular with the ladies, but upon research, we could not find any rumors about her after she turned into an actress.

In 2017, Pyo Ye Jin said she wanted to work on her love life this year. She wants to gain a lot of experience. However, Ye-jin doesn’t want to make her love life public if she does fall in love, because love is something that only two people do.

She said that her ideal type is Lee Jae-hoon, who appeared in the movie “Architecture 101”.

Ye-jin believes that a woman should be loved, so she wants someone who loves her.

Additional note: On September 3, 2018, she was discovered to be in love with actor Hyun-woo, who is 7 years older than her. They met through co-starring in “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” and started dating around June 2018!


She said she didn’t want a public romance, but she found out early on! In November 2019, 

It was reported that they broke up, and both parties admitted it. It’s been about 1 year and 2 months since their open romance…they are going back to a senior and junior relationship.

Pyo Ye-jin’s Instagram

Pyo Ye-jin is quite active on social media and posts different types of pictures. We can see her latest pictures with her dog, travel diaries as well as from her latest shoot.


Pyo Ye-Jin’s Long-Lasting Career

Pyo Ye Jin established herself as an actress with her role in “Love Returns.” She also said that she would like to play the role of a flight attendant if there is one in the future. That would be a hot topic!

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