‘Psych’ SHO-FILE

Good ol’ Psych is an American detective (sort of) drama-comedy television series. It had previously aired on USA Network Television when it was running and now shows reruns on ION Television; Steve Franks created it.

In A Nutshell

The show aired in 2006 the time the Monk was on the same Network. The show was often compared to Monk until its demise in 2009. There are eight seasons, 121 episodes and even a musical episode in the last season (and a TV movie!). The show ran from 2006 to 2014, and the following is nothing short of amazing. The Psych series has gained quite the cult following for the show.

Meet The Characters

Shawn Spencer is everything you want in a friend, a pal, a boyfriend. A “freelance consultant” with the Santa Barbra Police Department pretending to be psychic. He obtains photographic memory and exceptional observational skills, which allow him to see those “visions.” At the beginning of the series, he hardly takes anything seriously, but throughout the series, he matures drastically. He has an on-and-off again relationship with Juliet.

Burton “Gus” Guster, usually called “Gus” is Shawn’s best friend since childhood. Often showing flashback scenes from their childhood throughout the show. He is also Shawn’s business partner; however, he does have another job that makes the “sole income” for Psych. He takes his work ethic very seriously and at all times (particularly in the beginning) takes things seriously. He is a teddy bear.

Juliet “Jules” O’Hara, usually called “Jules” by Shawn and “O’Hara” by the Police Department. The love interest of Shawn since the day they first met. We all knew they were going to be endgame. Lassie’s partner and junior detective for the Santa Barbra Police Department. She works hard, is strong-willed, and is ready for anything life throws at her. Juliet and Shawn are engaged by the end of season 8, the last episode “The Break-Up.”

Henry Spencer is Shawn’s father. The uptight and precise former Police Sergeant. He is the man who trained Shawn to know everything he knows, especially about being a detective. He even went as far to teach Shawn two vital lessons that he often uses: to remember the room with your eyes closed and how to beat a lie detector test. Shawn often needs his help for difficult cases, and he offers it (even when he does not want to).

Last but not least, Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter, usually called “Lassie” by Shawn even though it annoys him to death. He is the head detective for the SBPD, often going by the rules and nothing but! The only person who was skeptical of Shawn’s abilities and turns out he was correct to be. He does respect Shawn, however, and comes to Psych with his difficult cases because he trusts Shawn.

Brief History Of Psych; The When, Where, And How?

This series centers around a character named Shawn Spencer and his abilities to.. well… be a psychic. However, he is not a psychic — he just has excellent heightened observational skills and detective instincts learned from his father when he was a child.

But, he convinces the Santa Barbra Police Department (somehow, someway) that he is psychic, and that leads up to Psych. His best friend Burton “Gus” Guster is the comedic relief majority of the time in the show. They often fall out and then fall back in again, but that’s what friendships do!

He does gain some friendships and relationships in his time on the Santa Barbra Police Department. Henry Spencer is Shawn’s father and very uptight about almost everything, but he is a former police sergeant. Jules O’Hara is the love interest of Shawn, [spoiler] being on-and-off, but they are endgame

Lassie Lassiter is the man always trying to out Shawn. He knows something is off and chooses to exploit that anyway he can. He does respect Shawn at the end of the way, which results in him calling on Psych for many of the difficult cases.

Why It’s Awesome!!!


This show is full of fun time, fun laughs, and lots of mysterious drama about the cases. What makes Psych so incredibly impressive are the characters: Shawn, Jules, Lassie, Gus, and even Henry are what make the show what it is. They all contribute something to the show. Plus, Juliet and Shawn are so cute — you die from feels every time. This show was often compared to Monk, but they both bring something different to the table.

Psych, in its own right, is simply Psych. It has its own genre of the show, and that is what I, and I am sure fans of the show as well, love about it. If you ever watch the show, listen to all the nicknames Shawn gives Gus (they are absolutely hilarious).

Overall Score

Show Quality9/10

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