So here’s a small bit about me: I studied video game design in college, and have two AAS degrees in said study (programming and art). As such, I have met and stayed in contact with several people, classmates and faculty alike, from those times (heavily due to the fact that I am employed at the college). I myself did not stick with the game design career path — I found my passion lie in video-making and production. But I am starting to see many of my friends, people with whom I learned coding tricks and engine mechanics, now launching themselves into the tricky but lively industry of game development.

My friends from Aggressive Combustion Game Studios, I’m proud to say, are among those people, and they’re about to release onto you the next game that will have your fingers skittering across your phone, your frustrations at their peak, and your appetite begging for s’mores.

Yes. I said s’mores. After all, you do play a lovely little marshmallow.

Project MALLOW is a 2D platforming puzzler with over 100 levels and traps & dangers aplenty, and they are all centered around an adorable, squishy square intent on escaping the hells of a dangerous candy factory. The game provides increasing challenge with developing story — you’re not just flinging delicious treats about for no reason. There’s a reason MALLOW is risking his sweet little fluffy butt to escape, and it probably has something to do with the potentially crazy factory owner dishing out the danger.

This pixel-art piece is not the first rodeo for the game studio — under the name of Shatter Point Studios, the developers have released games like Starfall Squadron to mobile platforms, and have several Ludum Dare builds under their belt. (Psst…I’ve covered several of their games on our YouTube channel!) With Shatter Point now migrating to more of a publishing role, Aggressive Combustion is taking the lead with their adorable mascot leading the pack.

Check out the trailer for the game, which will be hitting the PC and iOS & Android platforms this fall. And subscribe to our YouTube channel for a future, likely very frustrated gameplay video of Project MALLOW!

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