Project Indigo Is Ready and Waiting!

Project Indigo Is Ready and Waiting! 5

Project Indigo is a transmedia story, currently unfolding over social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It follows a disgraced former superhero and certifiable human disaster Margo “Indigo” Mason.

It follows Indigo’s efforts to rebrand herself via the Internet after her roommate accidentally blows her cover. The creator of the show, Whitney has loved superheroes since she can remember.

Whitney & Project Indigo

Starting with The Incredibles at age 11 and Wonder Woman at age 23.  Whitney had the chance to do a multimedia project for her master’s dissertation this past summer, and of course, she used it to turn herself into a superhero! Why wouldn’t she? I know I would. In many ways, this is Whitney’s love letter to the superhero genre — but, she is taking different steps in the right direction.

Project Indigo Is Ready and Waiting! 6

Margo is an out lesbian, and the rest of her former team is all female — Whitney is taking steps to address the representational issues in the media. And, she is doing a great job at doing so! What we love about what Whitney is doing is she’s creating an interactive way to talk to fans through Indigo.

Something that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could never accomplish because of how many followers they have on social media. Iron Man has over 2 million followers, so he could never reach out to every single person. No way. Indigo does; which is super awesome.

Where Can I Find Out More?

This web series focuses on social media as a sole platform, something that we have never really seen before. It is fantastic to see it unveil and you can check out the Storify stories here, here, here, here, here, and here. You can watch the trailer here or below as well. This web series, social media series is something great, and we do not want you to miss out on what Whitney is doing!

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