Power Rangers’ Go Go Power Rangers Will Break Stereotypes

Go Go Power Rangers has recently redefined what it takes to be a Power Ranger. Thanks to the recent release of the cover art for issues 14-16. Introducing a much welcome change to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. By reassigning the colors of the characters. All confirmed by BOOM! Studios Twitter account. This new story is set to release in November starting with issue 14.

Most are familiar with the Power Rangers from the iconic television series. As five “teenagers with attitude” were recruited to fight an evil space witch named Rita Repulsa. Their mission, to prevent her from concurring Earth.

The series was meant to inspire kids to become the best versions of themselves. Including an idealism of anything is possible with the right mindset. However, a negative stereotype also spread with the television show; whether intentional or not – the way the Power Rangers were cast affected how kids would see themselves as adults.

Problems With Casting

Go Go Power Rangers
Original Cast from 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

At first glance, the image above triggers feelings of nostalgia. However, upon further investigation, many concerns were raised. Most importantly, the casting of Billy, Trini, Jason, Kimberly, and Zack. Causing a major issue of placing limitations on what certain kids envisioned themselves being as adults.

Why Was This An Issue?

It’s a matter of stereotypes. From race to gender, the main cast was full of them. Whether it be a girly Pink Ranger, an African-American Black Ranger, an Asian-American Yellow Ranger, or a Caucasian Male Red Ranger. Due to a failed attempt at diversity, restrictions were placed on what qualifies an individual to be a Power Ranger.

A child of another race or a girl, couldn’t imagine being the Red Ranger. A boy could never think of being the Pink Ranger, because of the pink is a “girls color” stereotype. Even being a color outside of one’s stereotyped race, seemed inconceivable. The series has attempted to correct the mistake in future iterations. Including the 2017 movie reboot.

However, nothing seemed to have much of an impact. That is until the unveiling of Go Go Power Rangers covers for issues 14-16.

Redefining What Makes A Power Ranger

Go Go Power Rangers is one of two new comic book series from BOOM! Studios. Based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this series serves as a soft reboot to the franchise.

Showcasing a whole new unexpected side of the Rangers. Adding much-needed character development, introducing the concept of romantic relationships, and adding a sense of realism to the way events unfold in the story. Go Go Power Rangers has effectively reached out to its original demographic, along with drawing in new readers.

The cover of first issue of this new story line. introducing the concept the article is about.
Cover for Go Go Power Rangers #14 | Boom Studios, 2018

All due to well-written stories, brilliant artwork, and an interesting modern take to the classic television show. What has given this series added praise as of late, is because of a new approach being taken in covers 14-16. As a new storyline introduces the rangers swapping colors.

Therefore redefining what it takes to be a Power Ranger. Set to begin in issue 14, the true impact this concept was not felt until the cover of issue 16.

The Cover That Shattered Stereotypes

Set to release in early 2019, this issue introduces a modern take to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Breaking down stereotypes by assigning the color based on character qualifications, not prejudices.

The choice of Trini leading the team as the Red Ranger is perfect. Because she is kind, intelligent, skilled in martial arts, and has what it takes to be a leader. Qualities best suited to master the power of the Tyrannosaurus. Jason as the Yellow Ranger is spot on. He is skilled in combat, knows how to take charge, can improvise, but can be a bit temperamental. Making him a perfect fit for the power of the Saber Tooth Tiger.

Go Go Power Rangers cover that article is written around.
Cover For Go Go Power Rangers #16| Boom Studios, 2019

Zack as the Pink Ranger breaks boundaries. His bravery and level head would be a perfect fit to summon the power of the Pterodactyl. He also shatters the stereotype of “Pink is for girls”, by pulling off the color effortlessly. Kimberly as the Blue Ranger brings added strength to a beloved character. She is intelligent, agile, and her ability to care for others makes her the perfect choice to wield the power of the Triceratops.

Last but not least, Billy as the Black Ranger is ideal. Due to his high IQ, engineering applications, and need to prove his worth to the team. Makes him the perfect fit to control the power of the Mastodon.

This new story is set to break down many walls for the Power Rangers. Including a hidden issue needed to be addressed in the form of relationships.

Race & Gender Are Not The Only Issues Addressed…

The last topic worth mentioning is something teased throughout the series. That being Jason and Trini’s feelings for one another. From the looks of the cover art for issue 15, it seems like they finally acted on those feelings.

Go Go Power Rangers cover art breaking another boundary concerning relationships.
Cover for Go Go Power Rangers #15| Boom Studios, 2018

This is worth spotlighting not just because they make a great couple, but they are the first interracial couple to be introduced in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Hence, proving there are no limits on what you can become or who you can love.

Go Go Power Rangers Issues 14-16 Final Takeaways

The announcement of this new story starting on issue 14 of Go Go Power Rangers. Creating a positive impact for fans. All credited to the cover art for issue 16. Although this change seems temporary, It’s a welcome one for fans of all generations. As now there are truly no limitations to what it takes to be a Power Ranger.

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